Monday, December 12, 2016

Trout Power has moved to

Here is the link to the updated Trout Power web site.

info on this site will remain as legacy info.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Trout Power Stream Clean Up Sign Up

click here to sign up

Sign up for the Trout Power Stream Clean up.  on Saturday June 6th at 10am at the Rte 8 and 28 Parking Area.  

Choose your beat you wish to clean up.  Each beat can contain up to 4 people.  Our online system will keep an inventory of open spots.  

Each sign up is for one person. And each sign up includes a Trout Power Commemorative hat.  

Locations are as follows.  

  1. Hinckley Dam Parking Area
  2. Prospect Pond Parking Area
  3. Dover Road Bridge area and parking area
  4. Bottom of Putnam Road Access Area
  5. All of Partridge Hill Road
  6. Comstock Bridge Area
  7. Rte 8 and 28
  8. Yellow Gate Access on Rte 28
  9. West Canada Campsites parking area
  10. Anglers Parking Areas in Poland Rte 28
  11. Anglers Parking Areas in Newport Rte 28
  12. Anglers Parking Areas in Middleville Rte 28

You are probably wondering why you have to pay to sign up?  Well the answer is kind of simple; You will receive a hat for your purchase that will offset the cost.  However, in order to assure that we have people committed, we need to have some kind of cost that way we know we will have people attending.  Its sounds a little crazy but its true.  Later that day we hope to all meet up at a local place and celebrate.  JP Ross and Trout Power will coordinate trash bags and pick ups.  

What you will need?  Boots, possible rain gear, gloves.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trout Power 2015

Trout Power 2015:  Event update and initiative update.  June 5th and 6th.

Since our last Trout Power® event in 2014 we have been working diligently to attempt to create a new protected zone on the West Canada Creek to harbor  trophy fish.  Our study’s have shown that there is little if any evidence that wild brown trout live in the creek at all.  However, we did find that there are some, not many, but some wild brook trout in the creek.  Note that there are over 60 tributaries in the middle section of the creek from Dover Road to Newport Dam.  Our work right now is figuring out with the state how we can use these resources.

In 2015 we will not be holding a tournament; however we will be doing a stream wide clean up.  After the spring floods there is a lot of junk, both on the side of the road and at the angler parking areas, as well as on the river shoreline.  We will assemble teams to travel to the angler parking areas to pick up trash, and we will need a number of canoe and drift boat teams to float the river and pick up junk.  Trout Power will fund disposal of this trash.

We are looking for a venue for everyone to meet Friday Night and celebrate, and a place for us to rendezvous on Saturday.  Please email if you are interested in hosting these events.

Sign ups for stream clean up teams will begin April 15th.

Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 results

The Trout Power event for 2014 is over, but the initiative still goes on. Sure, we caught a lot of fish this weekend on the West Canada Creek in NY, and we had a great time at the Alamo Bar and Grill in Poland. But 3 great things happened that are worth mentioning.
Team Julia: Matt Cucci and his daughter fished Mill Creek, a creek we are trying to restore with Trout Unlimited and caught numerous wild Brook Trout.
Team Morrison also fished the tournament and Shawn and his boys have been big supporters right from the start. They caught a beautiful wild Brook Trout in one of the tribs of the West Canada also.
And lastly, one of the greatest discoveries is from Team: Beattie... Scott Beattie and his daughter Jillan got real footage of a wild Brown Trout Frye at in the West Canada Creek at the mouth of the Cincinnati Creek.
These are the real winners of Trout Power!!! This is proof that there is hope and that united we can make a difference.
I think the competitive fishing derby is over, for Trout Power and now it is time to work on protecting and getting down to work.
There is almost no Public fishing access on the Cincinnati Creek. Which is probably a good thing. We are going to propose to the DEC that we establish a likely spawning ground and try to protect it and hopefully shock it this year to look for more brown trout frye.
Also, the Trophy Section is getting too crowded. We need another one, and the first proposal is to propose another Catch and Release zone from the bridge in Poland to the Railroad Bridge in Poland. This section is close to town, which is good for commerce, and also is a section that is out of the way and it included the cold brook tributary inlet.
We would appreciate the comments on this and what you think.
Sorry for the long post, but there is so much to talk about.
We appreciate all the support, thank you to everyone for making Trout Power your own initiative. It is a team effort!!!!
JP Ross


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is water really the most precious resource?

Is water really the most precious resource on the planet?  The folks at JP Ross & Co. the firm that started Trout Power® say no, it’s the wild trout that live in it that are more precious.  The Trout Power Mission is “to change the world by honoring clean water not by its clarity but by the wild trout that live in it.”  It’s a simple concept says Jordan Ross founder of Trout Power; “use wild trout as a metric for success to monitor that you are not hurting the environment with progress.  It is great to have homes, towns, and businesses along the river, just make sure you are not harming it by monitoring and making sure the fish can spawn.” 
Trout Power has taken on the task of protecting, and promoting the West Canada Creek in Central NY and hoping it will help the region prosper.  

This year marks the 3rd year in which their Trout Power event is June ,7 and 8.  Sign up at    Trout Power has gained a lot of steam by partnering with Tailwater Lodge in Altmar, Harrisdale Farms in Newport, and the Alamo Bar and Grill in Poland.  Festivities include a catch and release tournament with prizes in upwards of $1600 in cash.  Harrisdale is hosting a kids fishing derby and the Alamo is hosting a Pig Roast and BBQ with bands on Saturday, as well as a rubber duck race on Sunday. 

The spirit from all this started when Trout Power proved and acknowledged with the help of the NYS DEC, that the West Canada Creek can sustain large trout, but something is wrong that will not allow them to spawn.  Studies show that the water is clean, bug live is great, and Trout Power even did water temp studies and proved that temperature was not an issue.   Hypothesis now point to the drastic changing of flows and mis-management of the water system to make hydro power and harvest drinking water.  Jordan Ross of Trout Power also stated:  “there are too many hands in the pool!  The Canal Corp, Brookfield Power, The Water Authority, and the Power Authority all use this river.  There is no main management strategy in which all these entities can make decisions by.  No one is working together!  We hope Trout Power and its initiative will start people talking and making a plan.  If the trout can spawn you are managing the resource correctly.” 

The current state of the Creek is that usually the water changes as much as 3 times a day and as much as a foot at a time to make on demand power.  Trout Power believes this is why the fish cannot spawn.    Trout Power believes that they can be they voice for the group to bring awareness to the issue and come up with a solution.  Many people had no idea that all the brown trout in the river are stocked and had no idea that there are no wild fish.  They say; Catch the Power and make a difference. 

Trout Power also hopes that it can make a difference so their model can be used on other fisheries in America or even worldwide. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Trout Power 2014 is ready for sign up.

This years fishing tournament and creel study will be a one day event on Saturday June 7th.  Our kick off and registration will be June 6th at the Alamo Pub in the town of Poland on Rte 28.  Receive your Trout Power Packet at the Alamo at 7:00pm June 6th.

Sign up here. 

Events fishing categories are pretty easy. Everything is based on Barb-less, single hook and Catch and Release only. You must obey the laws of NYS DEC, and also respect private land.  We strongly encourage asking permission when in doubt. All winning fish must have a photo of the fish and this years Trout Power easy measurement tool.  We also encourage that your partner is present. Measurement Tool will be handed out on June 6th at the Alamo and must be returned, or can be purchased for $10.00.

Sign up Now

Fishing starts on Saturday at 15 minutes before sunrise, and ends at 2:00.  Award Ceremony and celebration to follow at 3:30.

We have multiple categories this year.  Min Age to Participate is 10 years old.  Anyone under 16 must have an adult as a partner.

  1. Longest Trout in trophy section caught on the fly, length based on inches.  $500.00
  2. Smallest Trout in West Canada Creek, documented $600.00
  3. Longest Trout caught in Cincinnati Creek, fly or spin, between rte 28 Barneveld to West Canada Creek $500.00
  4. Tributary study, non competitive.  Receive a log book and Trout Power Merchandise and have fun for the day exploring one of the 64 West Canada Tributaries.  Make sure you ask permission from land owners.  We kindly ask that fish are documented with photos in the easy care trout power measurement tool.  We are looking for wild Brook Trout and Wild Brown Trout.  Help us "make a memory" and celebrate with us after the event. 
  5. General Study, non competitive:  Many people just want to fish and have fun and get some cool special edition Trout Power Garb...  and we are all for that.  With this package you get a log book, some cool Trout Power Garb, and a fun day on the water. Our intent is still to document small fish.  We are anxiously looking for evidence of spawning fish, so any fish caught less then 6 inches with no fin clippings, and in pristine shape is a trophy. 

What is a Creel Study?  A creel study is a way that we can collect data on what is going on with the creek.

In 2012 our focus was on comparing the upper stretch of the Creek or the Trophy Section and the lower section.  We were looking for populations of fish.  What we found was that because the creel study targeted most inches, tactics were used to just catch any fish.  We learned that our stream is healthy, but is mostly a put and take fishery, meaning nearly all the fish caught were stocked.  This was determined by the DEC and Trout Power. In 2013 we were looking for large fish that are able to spawn in both the trophy section and below the trophy section.  What we saw was that the average trophy fish in the regulated catch and release section is over 16 inches, and in the section where you can keep fish a 16" fish was considered a trophy.

In 2014 we begin to look at the tributaries.  What we consider the gems or golden threads of the eco system.  Chances are with water being regulated by a dam that makes hydro power, the cold water refuge and possible spawning grounds is in the tributaries.  Brown trout and brook trout spawn in the fall, so a spring study is a good time to document fish without harming possible spawning habitat.  It also is a great time to pick up trash from the spring flood.

Some additional rules and suggestions.

Please encourage good sportsmanship, especially between fly anglers and conventional anglers.  The last 2 years everyone has gotten along great, and we expect the same in 2014.

Please consider bringing a garbage bag and pick up used bait containers and cans that disrespectful users of the creek leave behind.  Leave the river better then you found it is our mantra.

It is not necessary to photograph each fish, however it is required to photograph a fish if you are in a length wins category.  Make sure to log every fish in your log book.

We strongly encourage fun pictures.  Trout Power is a fun time, help share your fun.

Log Books and photos will be collected on Saturday afternoon. The best way to transfer photos is with an SD card.  Do not text photos.

Check in will be Friday evening at the Alamo on Rte 28 in Poland, NY. Please stay and support our local business and have fun with us.

Use the honor system, this is a fun event and is not aimed at competition it is aimed at enjoying fishing with your partner and having fun with fellow anglers.

We also are looking for volunteers to police and help anglers.  Please email if you are interested.

rules subject to be updated with notice, Sponsors please contact us if you can add prizes.

With your purchase of your Trout Power admission you  will receive:

2 trout power maps

2 trout power log books

2 trout power easy measure tools, please return after event

2 trout power baseball caps (not included for non-competitive)


JP Ross, Trout Power Manager.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trout Power Sign up 2014, Delay

We have a slight delay on sign up for 2014 Trout Power due to some negotiations with the state and the Oneida County.  I expect to have sign ups ready to go by Friday.

Currently we are looking at:
-Longest Trout in trophy section
-Smallest Trout in West Canada Creek
-biggest Trout and most Trout in Cincinnati Creek
-tributary study, non competitive
-General Study, non competitive