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Trout Powers Promise

(Promise) Trout Power's mission is to change the world by honoring clean water not by its' clarity, but by the wild trout that live in it.  We will uphold this promise with dedicated science.  We will defend our argument with data.  
(Objective) Educate & inspire people to steward our rivers and streams; Many people fish, kayak, hike, and just hang around their home town river and just assume that the fish in there are wild.  You always see people fishing, and catching fish...  but do you know if those fish came from a hatchery or from a wild sustaining eco-system.  Better yet, do you care?  We do!  We want wild fish and clean water. 
(Why) Wild trout thriving in a stream are a definitive benchmark for clean water. Trout Power's built upon helping communities find that balance in their own rivers and streams so that all may prosper together.

Launched around education and awareness starting with the  West Canada Creek in the Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY, and now advancing to W…

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