Wednesday, January 18, 2012

REC Components, gives a testimonial for Trout Power

REC Components is pleased to support the “Trout Power” initiative envisioned by Jordan Ross, the founder of JP Ross Fly Rods.   By supporting “Trout Power” the environmental and economic welfare of West Canada Creek and the valley and communities through which it flows in Central New York will be enhanced for the common good of local citizens, anglers, and businesses.  Stated Alan Gnann, President of REC, “we applaud the efforts of Jordan Ross to bring the benefits of clean water, healthy insect hatches, and the overall health of the West Canada Creek watershed to the attention of all local stakeholders.  It is well recognized that the recreational impact of a scenic and productive fishery such as the West Canada leads to important economic growth for the region.  We encourage everyone to learn more about and participate fully in the success of this important program”

Are you a business that wants to help support Trout Power...  please get a hold of Jordan Ross  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweetie Pies Sponsors a Road Race starting at Her Bakery in Poland

Remember that part of Trout Power is bringing a community together and helping them grow and prosper.

Sweetie Pies will be hosting a road race that is 3.14 miles long.  I do not have details on sign up and if there is a fee or anything...  but in order to have a road race there is planning and some costs, so make sure you help support this great small business. 

Krista owns Sweety Pies Bakery and I expect that her little store will end up being very busy on the weekend of Trout Power.  Here she is pictured behind her huge case of goodies.  Coffee, pastries, pies and other great items are available at her store.

 Not Far from Sweetie Pies on Rte 8 just North of the Poland Rte 8 and 28 intersection is the old railroad bridge.  I am sure this will be a secret place for some of the people in the Tournament.  The West Canada and its over 20 miles of trout water is a gem of New York and of the North East.  Many say that it clearly rivals any Adirondack Trout Stream because of its size and ability to grow large fish. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trout Power Tournament goes International

Guido Lanoye of Belgium recently signed up for the Trout Power Tournament.  Although Guido will not be participating, he did sign up for a 2 person slot with a donation of $60.00.

Thank You so much Guido for your help. 

Guido is an old friend of mine and is a JP Ross Fly Rod Company fan.  I saw Guido just this week in London, he showed me some pictures of some Pike Perch he had recently been catching.  He tells me they are only caught in Freshwater and Brackish Water. 

It is Fun to see someone all the way in Europe that is excited about Trout Power.  This is going to be a great fishing Tournament.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trout Power fishing Tournament is starting to get some great participants.

I had the pleasure today of opening my email and seeing yet another sign up for the Trout Power Fishing Tournament being held in June 2012 on the West Canada Creek.  This time we got a sign up by a few guys all the way in Michigan. 

I can not wait to meet and hang out with these guys.  Also, make sure you check out their blog.

"We're really excited to make the trip from Michigan to fish in the Trout Power Tournament in June. We've wanted to fish the Adirondack region for years and this is a great opportunity for us to learn more about the resource, to meet other anglers, and to help JP Ross focus attention on the way that healthy local waters bring recreational tourism dollars to local businesses." - Jordan J. Lindberg (Traverse City, MI) & Bryon Anderson (Holland, MI)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trout Power Sign up is here $60.00 for a team of 2.

If you are ready to sign up for the Trout Power Tournament, were ready too.

We will limit the entries to 30 teams.  For info on the Tournament, like rules and regulations click here.

Click here to sign up and receive your 2 free t-shirts, compliments of JP Ross Fly Rods.