Friday, March 23, 2012

Brookfield Power joins the sponsor list

Yesterday we got a phone call from Brookfield power, the company that manages the flows in the West Canada.  We appreciate the call back from this company, and we see it as a way to begin conversations to start to understand flow management and strategies for flow management.  Remember that the Goal of Trout Power is to utilize the trout in the river as a metric for success in regards to using the river as a resource for:
  • power
  • recreation
  • commerce
  • environmental conservation
Not getting the stiff hand from someone like Brookfield Power is a good move on their part.  Unfortunately the company said that they do not have the "bandwidth"  to present at the event with a booth or anything, but wanted to be a part of the event and certainly have their name on it.

Thank you for your support.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet Basils in Barneveld posts Trout Power Sign.

Sweet Basil's in Barneveld, NY is a proud supporter of Trout Power.  I expect at the time of the Trout Power (TM) Tournament people will be backed up at their door trying to fill up on the best breakfast around.  I go there constantly.  It is a short drive up to Barneveld, but well worth it.  It is a nice drive up 12, or take the back way up to Holland Patent and drop right into downtown Barneveld.  I often go there to visit our friends at River Hills Properties. 

Trout Power is right around the corner, and there has been some talk about the tournament and why we are having it.  One of the main reasons we are having it is because the trout power tournament is also a Creel Study.  By getting advice from the NYS DEC we are collecting data on the West Canada Creek.  This tournament/ creel study is a great way for us to understand the river outside the designated trophy section.  I have an objective to designate another trophy section or blue ribbon section in Poland, or Middleville, or Newport.  Something to help spawn more commerce for those businesses around the creek, and also perhaps help promote more business development. 

Thoughts and ideas?  Please post as a comment or email me directly.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trout and Salmon EXPO 2012, Utica NY, Local Trout Unlimited Chapter

SATURDAY APRIL 21, 2012 10AM – 4PM
Sponsored by the Mohawk Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Building on the success of last four years, this years EXPO is expected to draw even more visitors from all regions of upstate New York. There will be Casting contest for the Kids; Learn how to tie flies; Learn how to cast a fly line; see the various displays on fishing and related topics! Displays by some of the best wildlife artist in CNY, Tom Yacovella (+NYS Record Brook Trout) and Tom Linweaver!  Bait fishing and fly fishing! See the breeder fish in the NYS DEC Fish Tank! Check out Casting demonstrations, rod building, fly tying, local clubs, as well as Trout in the Classroom exhibit. A diverse lineup of fishing tackle and equipment! Book signing by Authors Mike Kelly & Spyder Rybaak! Take the opportunity to catch a trout in the Morrisville fish pond! Seminars to increase your knowledge! Seminars by:
·         Dan Josephson, Cornell researcher, who will speak on Trout and his many years studying the Adirondack Brook Trout!
·         Bruce Montoya on Steelhead fishing the Salmon River!
·         Rick Pecci on how to fish Lake Ontario and more!
·         Eric Dresser –Renowned Wildlife Photographer and Author on “how to” take wildlife photos + his many books!
The goal of the event is to highlight the advantages of living in an area that has some of the finest fisheries in the country, to demonstrate the link between clean waters and the habitat of trout and salmon, and to show why more families are participating in the sport of fishing.
     Location is the New Hartford Recreation Center on Mill St in New Hartford!
Ken Ziobro at
315 525 7198