Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trout Power Tournament and Creel Study is now Full!!!

Thank you to everyone that has signed up for the Creel Study and Tournament.  We are now full. 

If you would still like to participate in the creel study but not be eligible for the prizes, just email me or pick up a log book at Trout Power HQ, Harrisdale Farms on Rte 28 in Newport.

Thanks Everyone.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thank You Charles Signs

Many people have been asking about the signage for Trout Power.  I want to give a huge thank you to Jimmy at Charles Signs.

I have worked with a lot of companies that do printing in my 20 years of retail marketing and product development. Jimmy is the best.  His quotes are fast and always have a proof.  He is very knowledgeable about his process and different substrate materials. 

They have made Trout Power great.  Thank you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank You Benjamin for taking the time to listen

Angela keeps telling me that the people that come on strong and are upset and seem against you, can end up being your biggest fan.

Not too long ago I had a string of email, phone calls and anonymous comments about Trout Power that quite honestly were just plain negative.  All this feedback ended up actually helping us to create a better message.  In one particular case I ended up speaking to a guy on the phone and realized that I was not telling the story the way I should.  I altered the web site and the way I spoke about the initiative...  it helped a ton!  That call was a now friend and supported of Trout Power.  Ben is now going to be in the Trout Power Creel Study and I received this note from him today.  I wanted to share it with everyone, because Ben has made the choice to be part of the solution.  I truly look forward to seeing him at the event, and I wish him the best of luck with the prizes.  He has caught the power and will be instrumental in helping us preserve the creek.

here is what he wrote me.

Apprehensive was a word I would have used when I saw my first trout power sign outside of the Middleville fish and game club. Then after finding that it was being hosted by some out of town fly pole maker, I was beyond apprehensive. The only reason I could think of that someone would do this is to promote themselves and their business. Then the obvious reprocussions of tresspassers and unwanted trash that is soon to follow. So I spoke with Jordan who totally changed my ignorant point of view as to what this event is really about. First and foremost, the main focus of the tournament is the fish. Not the prize, which I believe is another way Jordan shows his dedication, by donating $1000 of his money. Another thing we spoke of was future generations like his own children, fishing the creek and catching beautiful native trout in a trash free environment. He actually mentioned getting the local scouts and area kids involved which is an excellent idea. After this I realized that this is not someone here to take from this community and leave it behind. Its someone that genunely cares about the fish populations in a river thats always been a home to me no matter how far from it my life may bring me. I am now a proud trout power supporter and I'll spread the word. Thank you Jordan for showing me the "casting light"
Benjamin B. 

With two weeks to go, I am a little nervous.  I can't lie.  But already I can sense the drive to make sure we do not screw up the end game.  The end game is better management, education about access points and public fishing rights, a serious decline of poaching with a goal to eliminate it, and the big dream...  self sustaining wild fish and no more stocking in 12 years time.

I am very excited about what we will learn from Trout Power and this creel study.  I look forward to seeing everyone in two weeks.

Clarity on Rules and Regulations for Trout Power especially cheating.

A friend of mine was fishing the West Canada last night and spoke with a wise old fisherman who thought that the FINE for cheating in the tournament was uncalled for and inappropriate.  So once again, we will try to communicate more clearly. 

here is the recent update on the rules, specifically the fine for cheating.

Anyone caught cheating can be fined up to $500.00 depending on the circumstance (for example: keeping fish over the state limit.), but will be reviewed in front of a board of advisers.  They will be immediately disqualified without refund. The Creel study is an honor system event.  Our intention is to collect data and leave fish UN-harmed and healthy.  We want to document fish with photographs so we can judge health, as well as confirm size for the grand prize.  The river will be patrolled by Trout Power Volunteers, and the Trophy Section will be heavily watched. 

So why is it worded this way?  This is a catch and release creel study and tournament.  Anyone that kills fish in the creel study will simply be disqualified.  However, if someone kills fish and takes more than the legal limit, that is breaking the LAW and can be fined in upwards of $500.00.  Also, by signing up for the tournament you agree to the rules and regulations. 

Our desire is to collect data to set a baseline for the health of the fishery. 

Our fear is that people could harm or hurt fish during the census procedure. 

You must take special precautions to handle fish carefully, collect data, take a photograph, and release.  This is a work in progress and we are doing our best with what we have.  We do not have enough volunteers to judge the entire river, so most of the time we all are on the honor system.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Log Book for Creel Study

here is a sneak peak at the Log Book used for the Creel Study and Tournament.

Any ideas or comments, please let me know.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

                     "Angela accepts GRANT on behalf of 

                Trout Power from Oneida County Tourism"

pictured left to right are Beth Jones, Chairperson for Oneida County Tourism,
Angela Moonan, Co-founder of Trout Power and Owner of blue i marketing, and Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente

Oneida County Tourism Presents Tourism Marketing Grant Assistance Awards

Trout Power is gaining terrific momentum! With the further support from Oneida County Tourism, we're able to expand our reach with the Trout Power Story and work to shine a helpful and productive, responsible spotlight on the great West Canada Creek and the businesses and communities that line its' banks!

Utica NY - Oneida County Tourism is pleased to announce the grant recipients of its second annual competitive grant program, the Tourism Marketing Grant Assistance Program (MGAP). The grant awards provide financial assistance for the promotion of tourism attractions, events and activities taking place in Oneida County, New York. 

Kelly Blazosky, President of Oneida County Tourism, stated “We are pleased to administer this grant program to offer tourism and tourism related businesses/organizations a means to expand their advertising and promotional efforts.  The MGAP program aligns with our organizational mission to promote the brand and encourage visitation to Oneida County and the Central New York Region.” 

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. said, “We are working hard to make Oneida County a destination for tourists and a center for travelers of all kinds.” He went on to say, “This tourism marketing grant program is yet another initiative formulated to help stimulate the promotional efforts of the entire array of great places to see and things to do here in Oneida County.”

Oneida County Tourism dedicated $81,825.00 to fund the Tourism Marketing Grant Assistance Program (MGAP) which is approximately 12% of the Oneida County Occupancy Tax (bed tax) receipts.  Minimum grant requests were $1,000.00 with maximum grant requests of $7,500.00. The program was open to for-profit and non-profit tourism related businesses and organizations in Oneida County.  Examples of eligible grant activities include advertising placements, website development, direct mail, travel show expenses, and printing of promotional materials. 

Goals of the OCT MGAP program are to:
  1. Expand the advertising reach of tourism businesses and organizations beyond Oneida County
  2. Promote a positive image and increase awareness of Oneida County’s attractions and events
  3. Increase overnight stays in Oneida County lodging facilities

Friday, May 18, 2012

A landowner asks if they can allow people to fish on their property during Trout Power

A gracious land owner emailed us and asked is they can some how let their land be fished during the creel study.  Currently their land is posted.  In an effort to spawn more activity like this... I thought making some signs would be a good idea. 

what do you think of these?  I need comments please, and if this is a terrible idea, please be nice and give constructive criticism...  :)

Special Regulations for fishing on Private Property:

Notice: This land is private and is posted, but in an effort to enjoy and share our resource we will let you fish here.  All we ask is that you leave it better than you found it.  There is no tolerance for littering and we ask that any and all trash that is visible is picked up and disposed of even if it is not yours.  Because the river changes flow daily, new trash can be deposited on our shores every day.  Pick it up please and dispose of properly. 

By following these rules, we will allow you to walk along our stream bank within 20 feet of its shore and away from any visible structures to honor our privacy.  In turn, we wish you good fishing, and lots of safe fun.  

Please remember that the state limit is 5 fish per day and only 2 can be over 12 inches. 

Support our local economy and buy local while you are here. 

You fish here at your own risk. Any other activity is considered trespassing.

We support Catch and Release.

In an effort to monitor and improve our fishing, please voluntarily report catches through or email to

Good Luck Anglers. Catch the Power!!!

Matt Dinardo Talks about Trout Power.

This is why I support Trout Power! and I hope you will too...

I am very excited about Trout Power, since I am part of the Virginia team; let me explain why I think this is a great idea. As you know I spent 11 wonderful years living in the Mohawk Valley and loved 99.9% of it. That 0.1% I did not like, was the snow. Why? Because it kept me from fishing. :( I graduated SUNY at Albany and was fortunate enough to obtain a job at WKTV. I was doing weekend weather and I was renting a room up on the old Snyder Farm in the town of Ohio. With the exception of “A River Runs Through It” I never really saw fly fishing. Well in the spring of 1994, that all changed. I would drive down Route 8 to Route 28 and drive over the old Poland Bridge, before they redid the road and I would literally stare at the fly anglers who were performing their craft of casting. At times I would stop and park my car at the Nice and Easy and walk the river and just watch for what seemed like hours. I was in awe. It wasn’t fishing, it was relaxation and an art put together. I watched a few anglers battle some fish, some would win and some would lose with the fish breaking free. This drive “hooked” me.

There was a fly shop in Middleville at the time, The Golden Drake, and they held a weekend casting and fly fishing class in June. I participated in this class and thought, “Wow! Now this is the purist form of fishing.” It wasn’t long before I bought my first fly rod setup and that will be the Fly Rod that I will use in this Tournament/Creel Study. I supported this shop buying leader, flies, and other fly fishing items until it closed down. It was one way for me to give back to the community and river that was now bringing me pleasure on a nearly daily basis.

After a few years, I moved to Deerfield but still traveled back north a few miles to fish the West Canada. It brought peace and solitude to a hectic day. It was also a great way to wrap up an evening before the early morning 4am wakeup call came.
During my time in central New York, I fished many streams, but I always favored the West Canada and I always supported the Kuyahoora Valley. This tournament/Creel Study now gives me a chance to go back to where it all began and help support the local area and economy and give back “information” about the West Canada to the local officials to make this a better stream.

I think you and your team, who have developed and planned out the idea of Trout Power and have planned such a wonderful weekend deserve a tremendous amount of credit. I truly hope that the information collected will help to make the West Canada Creek even better.

Personally, I cannot wait for the weekend of June 9th and 10th to visit a stream that I have not been on in over 9 years; to visit with and fish with old and new friends; and to relax in a very gorgeous section of the Central New York, known as the Kuyahoora Valley. 

Matt DiNardo

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Families Around the creek support Trout Power

Yesterday I posted on our facebook page that there were some upset people talking about Trout Power being a bad idea and that too much awareness is a bad thing.  Today is a different story.  Here are two families around the creek that purchased, not one, not two but three advertisements for the map. 

Clearly some people are catching the power. 

So far, of the people I talked to that were willing to speak about their concerns have walked away excited about the event and seeing its promise.  Today we will receive our award from Oneida County Tourism.  Looks like we are spooling up for a great event. 

A Local Fisherman Speaks About Trout Power.

So I just read your post and also went to the Trout Power website and saw that you've addressed this issue several times. I'll admit that I was (and still am a little) nervous about the size and scope of what this is becoming. But I think the way I feel about the quality of the river and how horribly it is being managed has overcome the fears of it being "discovered " and becoming clogged with New Jersey license plates. I love the West Canada (we actually just bought 5 acres of land in Trenton Falls) and the river, fishing, and the area were a big reason I decided to stay in central NY. We fisherman are by nature a secretive, jealous bunch, so any project like this is going to come with some apprehension. I guess the way I look at it is that I would rather be a part of this movement than to bitch and moan about it and see nothing done.

Last week I spent a few days brook trout fishing in the West Canada lakes wilderness with some guys from Newport, including some business owners. They were all very appreciative of Trout Power. We had a long talk about it, and the potential of the river.

That said, I'd like to volunteer my services if needed. As you may or may not know, last winter I bought a Hyde drift boat which I primarily use on the Delaware (it has yet to make its maiden West Canada trip). I thought there may be a use for any officials or press to drift the river during the "creel study" portion to monitor or just to have a photo op. I'd be happy to provide my boat for a drift from Comstock to Newport or whatever. Its a nice boat, and would be very comfortable (and dare I say photogenic).

In fact, I would like to do this, just to be able to say I was a part of this. Please let me know.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Why is it called a Tournament if it is just a Creel Study?

Why is it called a Tournament if it is just a Creel Study?  A very small collection of people have called me with the exact same feeling and fear...  "You JP Ross are a jerk and you are promoting the West Canada for Economic Gain, and you are going to turn the West Canada into the Salmon River.  People will post their land and YOU are going to ruin it for everyone."

This might help.
  • We are only using the word tournament because that is what it takes to get it insured.  The weekend is a creel study.  We have no public data on the West Canada that is new and current.  People complain of hatches being down, fish catches being down, flows are irregular, the river is in dismay.   Trout Power is an initiative to collect data on the creek.  Does the dam in Newport buffer the changing flows?  Could there be better fishing below in Herkimer than in Poland?  Are there smallmouth bass in Poland?  Who knows, but we need a baseline.  
  • "I am a fly fisherman and I don't believe in competitive fishing..."  Well that's fine!!!  Grab a log book for free and fish that day for free, but at least you can help the cause.  We wanted to attract people to the river to stay overnight and spend some money in the local economy.  It took the $1000 purse that is being donated by JP Ross Fly Rods to do that and attract people from Michigan, Virginia, DC and so in. 
  • Trespassing:  Trespassing is an issue, for sure.  We are making a Map right now that designates parking areas and Public Fishing Rights.  In order for the West Canada to be used and enjoyed responsibly, the rules and regulations need to be communicated clearly. Trout Power is helping to get this done for the community.  We had issues in the Trophy Section with poachers and Trash.  Shortly after we posted signs in multi-languages and the land owners along the Trophy Section said the trash and trespassing STOPPED.  If you see someone abusing the river, call the DEC.  Many land owners have called me and told me that they are in support of Trout Power and that they are happy to let people cross their land to fish.  It is not the fishermen that are the problem.  Every land owner has complained that people have partied on their property but everyone I have talked to has said that the fisherman are very respectful.
  • The Salmon River promotes big fish and lots of fish.  Trout Power promotes a community, a beautiful area, the search for wild fish, and preservation.  Enjoy the area but leave it better than you found it!!! The West Canada Valley is a great place to grow a family for both people and fish.  Our message is Preservation, not Promotion. 
  • JP Ross and Blue i Marketing do not want to see anything bad happen to the West Canada Creek, the area, the community and the fish.  We live here, we fish here, we love it here.  We are only trying to start an initiative for preservation and create a platform for everyone to get behind.  Little has been done to put the West Canada Creek on the map as a trout stream that needs attention and preservation.  This is our attempt to create that initiative.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update on Tournament and Creel Study.

2012 Trout Power Tournament and Creel Study $1000.00 Prize.

Trout Power Fly Fishing Tournament to be held June 2012 on West Canada Creek, NY 

Grand Prize $1000.00

Thanks to  great response from the Trout Power Campaign so far, we have decided to have a fishing Tournament and Creel Study on the West Canada Creek in June of 2012.

What is a Creel Study?  A creel study is a  way that we can collect data on what is going on with the creek.
Someone called me up the other day, complaining that trout power was a bad idea...  he also wanted to know what good a creel study is for the creek? After I explained, he said " now that sounds like a good idea, thanks for the clarification."
  • what if a majority of the fish caught are caught near Poland?
  • what if no fish are caught in town of Russia?
  • what if all the fish are caught on spinners?
  • what if all the fish are caught on flies?
  • what if we catch a lot of big brookies and not brown trout?
  • what if we catch a lot of smallmouth bass in Newport?
all of this data is good data to help us monitor the creek and help us manage it better. 

The Trout Power Tournament and Creel Study will be only outside the Trophy Section and will be open to any type of fishing technique as long as it is single hook artificial and NO BAIT.  The Tournament will also be strictly Catch and Release. 

We will need lots of volunteers to Police the river during the tournament.  If you are interested in sponsoring or helping out, please email me at

The Tournament will be two days and will have a cash prize of $1000.00 for biggest fish or most fish is still not decided.  During the Tournament there will be lots of fun things to do with the community and after we will have an old fashioned hootenanny.

The Purpose of the tournament is to bring awareness to the river, the area and the business that surround the river.  It is clearly documented the the Trophy Section up river has been a great success, but we want to focus on the sections of the river around the towns, such as Russia, Poland, Newport and Middleville.

Sign up now.  You can only sign up online. Its $60.00 for two people and your team name will be your order number. You will get two t-shirts and a log book for the Tournament.  You will receive your Trout Power shirt and log book the day before or the Day of the Tournament. 

The Trout Power Tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday June 9 and 10th 2012.  So far the response has been very good for this type of thing and I am very excited to see it moving forward.

Here are some details on the rules as they begin to be formulated.

  • the Trout Power tournament will be based on teams of 2, registration will start in January 2012. Cost to Participate in the Tournament is $60.00 for two people.
  • The Trout Power tournament will be a catch and release tournament, any fish that is purposefully killed will cause immediate disqualification. 
  • Any form of fishing will be acceptable, as long as:  it is single hook on a fly or lure and no bait.  A fly and a dropper is acceptable, but no more than two flies in such a rig. 
  • Other methods of fishing, such as dapping, noodling, float fishing, etc... are all acceptable and applauded.  Be prepared to explain to others your methods so everyone can learn.
  • First prize will be based on total inches caught in two days.  
  • Fish length will be documented by participants with a digital camera and a tape measure.Smart phones can be used and immediately after catching, your logged fish can be emailed or text to the base camp head quarters. As you catch your fish...  any fish you must document them in the log book.  Day one you will receive a Trout Power symbol.  That Symbol needs to be in the photo.  We also will tell you which side of the fish needs to be in the picture.  In order to make sure we get the most out of the Creel Study we need everyone to be a scientist for the day.  The Tournament is just for fun, the Serious part of the day is the data.  All data counts.  Where you caught the fish.  Did it fight hard, does the fish look stocked, does the fish look healthy, what lure, what fly, all that stuff...  The log book will tell you what to fill in.  You have to have a digital camera.  At noon on Saturday, end of day Saturday and 10:30 on Sunday data will be retrieved.  All data will be compiled with photos on this web site after the Tournament so everyone can enjoy... including the NYS fisheries biologist. 
  • Missed fish must also be logged.
  • Anyone caught cheating can be fined up to $500.00 depending on the circumstance (for example: keeping fish over the state limit.), but will be reviewed in front of a board of advisers.  They will be immediately disqualified without refund. The Creel study is an honor system event.  Our intention is to collect data and leave fish UN-harmed and healthy.  We want to document fish with photographs so we can judge health, as well as confirm size for the grand prize.  The river will be patrolled by Trout Power Volunteers, and the Trophy Section will be heavily watched.
  • Trout Power is insured, but everyone will have to sign a waiver that they assume their own risk as a participant in the event. 
  • everyone must sign off that they will not litter or knowingly trespass
  • all participants need to understand that we walk a fine line between promoting the West Canada and causing problems, vs. bringing awareness to the creek and helping to preserve it.  Be on your best behavior.  
  • New York State officials will be on sight
  • Tournament starts at 6:00 am on Saturday, check in at 5:00 am to start and first check point will be at noon and sunset Saturday.  Trout Power Tournament starts on Sunday,  5am check in and 6am start.  The tournament stops at 10:30 am and awards will be at KOA camp Ground at noon.