Friday, June 15, 2012

Fishing from Poland to Newport

Last night Matt and I drifted from Poland to Newport and went through the Railroad Rapids.  What a cool ride!!!

We caught fish, and still the majority of them were the 9-12 inchers.  We were way back in there! We had thoughts that just maybe we could drum up a 20 incher or something.  Once again, our mini-creel study showed that a majority of the fish are in the 8-10" bucket.

So what I did was I took the data we collected and I rounded the fish into +/- 2" buckets.  Here is the distribution of data. 

Do we need a protected area down there to grow big fish?   Essentially have a section of the creek that is its own hatchery?  A place for big fish to grow and spawn and then move into the main stem for people to catch and I suppose harvest, as long as they are following the state regulations?  Just food for thought.  That area has very little wade-able water and would be a good section to protect.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank you to Morgan Lyle

People do not realize that Trout Power started as a little guppy many many years ago when Morgan Lyle and myself and a few other guys from the shop started the Fly Fishers Anglers Association.  Today the FFAA is still kicking but not nearly as active as it used to be.  The FFAA started a program called bucks for browns back in 2000 and we raised money to stock big fish in the West Canada Trophy Section.  It turned out that those hundreds of trophy trout aided to the already strong population of fish and we had probably the best few seasons of fishing this river had ever seen.  Morgan Lyle was the guy that organized that and started the big initiative on the West Canada, Dominick Greico, Bob Poe, myself, Mitch Marsden, Ton Traverna, Dick Kiel, Al Cohen, Gene Kaczor, Jim Shamis, Gary Bartell, Kim Ernst and many others later were leaders of the FFAA and helped us grow. 

Below is an excerpt  from Morgan Lyle one of our founders.  I would like to share it with all of you.

I began fishing West Canada Creek in the 1990s, when I lived 90 miles away. I never hesitated to make the drive – the fishing and the beauty of the area were well worth it. Eventually, my family and I had the opportunity to live and work in Central New York for a few years, and I spent many happy evenings fishing alongside some great people.

I was a founding member of the Fly Fisher’s Anglers Association and served as president for a time. It was inspiring to see the dedication of volunteers who raised money for supplemental stockings of tagged trout, advocated for catch-and-release regulations in the “trophy water” and otherwise practiced the finest kind of stewardship of the creek.

So it’s no surprise to see the tremendous support from the community for Trout Power.  Central New Yorkers are proud of their community, and rightly so. It’s a fine place to live and a delight to visit. For one thing, it’s an angler’s paradise; the West Canada is an exceptional trout stream, and there are also lots of other places to fish, too. But fishing’s not the only thing to do. Hiking, cycling, camping, antiquing, cross leaf-peeping, country skiing, all in a storybook country setting -- I can’t imagine that anyone would fail to be charmed by the Kuyahoora Valley.

I live some distance away now, and seldom find myself in Oneida or Herimer counties these days. My last West Canada trout came at the Power Line pool on a cold, grey day in October 2003, shortly before my family relocated to Long Island. It was going to be my last outing on the creek before we moved, and it was starting to look like I’d get skunked. Then, as my woolly bugger swung below me, I felt a jolting strike and the pull of a heavy fish. It was one of those FFAA browns, with a tag in its mouth.

I don’t remember the number on the tag, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the fish. Congratulations to Jordan Ross, Angela Moonan and all the residents and businesses who are making the inaugural Trout Power a big success.

Morgan Lyle

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pictures from awards

Dan Delawyer and JP thanking Ducks Unlimited
Donny and Marc accepting 1st place

Brett and Dave 3rd place runners up

Brett and Dave again

Jp and Johnny Dimitri, Second Place

Wierd fish caught in West Canada Creek, what is it?

Team Morrision Caught this White Fish below the Dam in Newport.  I am looking into this further as I have caught these same fish on Fourth Lake...  yet I also have caught white fish in Labrador Canada while fishing for Brook Trout.  This fish was likely a tie between the 16.5 inch browns that were caught in regards to total size, but we decided to give the award to the Morrison team for their good effort and catching a fish not many people have seen.

Great Job Guys.

Update 9:30 6/13/2012...  I stand corrected, it is a fall fish.  here is the link

complements of Fish

Fallfish (Semotilus corporalis)

The Fallfish or Semotilus corporalis is a member of the Cyprinidae family which is the largest family of fish in the world and includes Minnows and Carp.  Fallfish are often found in Eastern Canada south to Virginia in The United States.  They prefer cold clear streams, but are often found in lakes and ponds normally in shallow water.

Fallfish have long slender bodies with blunt heads.  They have a single dorsal fin which is located in the middle of their body.  This fish is often confused with the Creek Chub, but can be differentiated by the lack of a black spot which appears on the base of the dorsal fin on the Creek Chub.  Mall Fallfish will often have a reddish tinge and will develop tubercles on their heads as you can see in the picture below.

Fallfish are not particularly large, only growing to about 16" and weighing about 2lbs maximum.  They can live for about 10 years and will spawn in the late spring through summer.  The male Fallfish will build a nest of pebbles which can be very large.  It isn't uncommon for these nest to be 6' in length and 3' tall!  Impressive for such a small species.  The male will use this nest to mate with multiple females.

Also known as the Silver Chub and the Windfish, these fish will feed mostly on insects, but will also dine on smaller fish, algae and crustaceans.  They are edible, but they are not one of the best tasting fish.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Looking back at the Trout Power Painting that was auctioned off Friday night.

It was so much fun to create this image.  Now that we have so much info and pictures from the creel study, I plan to do another one that is more reflective of the colors of our beloved brown trout in West Canada Creek.

Trout Power Updates

Grand Prize Winners: Don and Mark Team 1590...  97 fish and 1049 inches of Trout
2nd place: Johnny and Nick Team 1585...63 fish and 643.5 inches of Trout
3rd place: Dave and Brett Team 1597...  67 fish and 623.75 inches of Trout

Biggest Trout was a tie at 16.5 inches
Kim Ernst and his teammate Ben
Steve Fiske and his teammate Bruce

Biggest Fish by length and girth was the Morrison Team with a 15" very rare whitefish.

Honorable mention: Johnny Dimitri with a 10.5" Brook Trout

Total inches caught in the Creel Study was 6043 inches with an average of 9.68 inches and 624 fish

Monday, June 11, 2012


Matt DiNardo speaks as both an Angler and a friend of JP's at
Sunday's Awards @ KOA Campgrounds, Herkimer with complimentary
Ice Cream Social & Hot Dog Roast!

Trout Power MASCOTS wearing the official 2-day TP Bandanas!


A huge THANK YOU to Dean Batstone who drove his BATBUS Airstream Bus all the way down from Ottawa, CAN to entertain us all Saturday night @ The Russia Union Church & Chicken BBQ!
FANTASTIC and he even donated some of his CD Sales proceeds that evening back to Trout Power! WOW, THANK YOU DEAN YOU REALLY DO ROCK!

Dean Batstone & The BATBUS Saturday Night, Trout Power in Russia,
Union Church

Dean Batstone entertains Trout Power crowd with original songs
from his latest album "Lonely in America"

JP chats it up with Anglers before Dean's concert


Thank You to all of you who came out Saturday morning in support of the first Trout Power Duck Butt Race!  We were selling ducks right up to launch time...

Honorable Mention for our Last Place Ducky on Saturday goes to DUCK # 1072, adopted by Bill Lerlehman, Ducky 1072 got hung up on some rocks early in the race!

4th Place Finisher  Duck # 206  Lou Pulurenti, adopted his duck from Sweet Basils

Lou wins a mini pack basket full of Duck Butt Toys compliments of blue i marketing

3rd Place  Duck #585 Fred who adopted his duck from South Trenton Pub... Ralph has your pack basket of Duck Butt Toys Fred! :)

2nd Place Duck #632 Krista Stupka, Owner of Sweetie Pies Bakery who was hosting her incredibly successful Sweetie Pies Trout Power 5K Run Saturday morning, with #34 runners/walkers!  CONGRATS all around Krista!  Krista received a $40 Gift Certificate from The Village Toy Shop in New Hartford

FIRST PLACE and Winner of $250 in CASH goes to ...

D U C K # 425 
Jack Wiedner, 
who adopted his duck from 
Trenton Station Liquors & Wines

All adopted Duck Butts hit the water and are away!

Kane Wolf says "I missed the race cuz I was fishin' !"
Kane scooped up some Duck Butt toys at the finish!

Families out in Barneveld for Duck Butt and a morning of Race FUN!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Northwoods Taxidermy offers Trout Power Special $20.00 off any Reoro Mount

Welcome to Northwoods and Water Taxidermy. I am a full service, full
time wildlife taxidermy studio, with 21 years of experience serving
hunters, fisherman and collectors around the country. A graduate of
the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy and a multi blue ribbion
winner in taxidermy competition.

My success lies in the countless hours invested into each recreation
and total dedication set forth to give you the best, most lifelike
mount as possible. I believe in quality not quantity.

I realize you want the finished mount to be as close to your memorable
trophy; therefore I take pride in offering you the best quality of
work in the area. I also will do my best to return your mount to you
in a reasonable time frame of 6.

Thanks Tim Littler

Tim Littler
1048 State Rt. 69
Camden NY 13316
315-243-5434 (cell)

Trout Power Weather update

Thursday, June 7, 2012

STP Grand Slam Burger...

in Honor of Trout Power... Sat Night the South Trenton Pub is doing a special at their place.

After a long day of fishing, and supporting Trout Power, what better way to end the day then with a responsible cold beverage and a state record hamburger. 

STP will have a special that night.  Starting at dusk, ending????
the West Canada Grand Slam

1 burger and 2 beers


10 wings and 2 beers

for $7.50

The fun starts on the river but ends here. 

this is not a Trout Power Sponsored event.

Eric Dresser Photo, framed in maple

This print by Eric Dresser will be available Friday at the Silent Auction from 6-8 at the Crystal Chandelier in Herkimer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Message from Assemblyman Marc Butler.

The West Canada Creek is a precious resource for our region, and I am pleased to support Trout Power – an exciting concept that will focus attention on this beautiful creek and its potential.  The West Canada, of course, is renowned for its fishing, but there are many other recreational opportunities that draw hundreds to our region.  Canoeing, tubing, kayaking, hiking, camping and many other activities abound along the creek’s length. My best wishes for a successful event this year, and I hope this becomes an annual event we can all look forward to in the future.  Thanks, JP and Angela, for organizing and promoting this great event.   

 -- Assemblyman Marc Butler, 117th Assembly District

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Wait til you see it! Talk about an amazing end result...

a H U G E shout out to those who've created, contributed, sponsored the Inaugural Trout Power MAP!


People are going to LOVE TO BUY these Maps!  We're just working to try and cover the printing costs of the Map ...

MAPS RETAIL FOR $4.00 each and are SO WORTH IT!

Maps will be available throughout Herkimer & Oneida Counties at Area Businesses starting this weekend, as well as at Trout Power Headquarters Saturday-Sunday @ Harris-Dale Farms on Rt 28 in Newport


1) Map of The West Canada Creek from Prospect Reservoir to the Mohawk River
with all public fishing access points, passes, Angler parking, Angler Trails, key landmarks, regulations

2) High Resolution Satellite Photo  //  40" square, Double-sided

3) So... we're batching them in groups of 25x for businesses to sell!

IF YOU'D LIKE A BATCH FOR YOUR BUSINESS (or two!) email me @ or JP - JPRoss&

Monday, June 4, 2012

Silent Auction Friday Night

"Calling all participants of Trout Power and all Sponsors and Friends of Trout Power."                   
                                                                                                                                                                          Make sure you come by Friday Night to the Crystal Chandelier in Herkimer.

This Event is OPEN ONLY TO Trout Power sponsors, Contributors, Volunteers, Invited Guests, Anglers & Their Families

Featuring complimentary Hors D'oeuvres and Local Beers & Wines

SILENT AUCTION from 6-8:00pm 

BRIAN O'KEEFE Photography Presentation from 7-7:30pm
Presentation by renowned Fly Fisherman & Owner of CATCH Magazine, Brian O'Keefe on "Fishing the World."

Silent Auction then concludes, Winners Announced by 8pm.
Stay a little longer and Enjoy Dinner at Rudy's Scialdo's great restaurant!

Dress is Business Casual

Silent Auction Items consist of:

Original paintings (2) by Whitney Barnes

Original Trout Power Painting by JP Ross

Filson Traveling Bag w/ Gentleman's Hat

Brook Trout Abel Reel

Ducks Unlimited Items:
  • Wood duck carvings & DU Wool Hat
  • DU Knife Set
  • DU Kitchen Cookware Set
KOA Campgrounds Solar Lodge Overnight Stay

Trout Power T-Shirt Pack w/ ADK Flies Book by JP Ross

Abel T-Shirt Pack

Original Adirondack Photo by Eric Dresser

Adirondack Pottery by Greg Rudd

Original Nature Framed Photographic Art (2)

Cornerstone Painting Your Choice 12 x 13 Room Spruce it Up!

7 foot 5 weight fiberglass Eagleclaw fly rod with Reel and line

Bobby Mead Realistic Lady Bug fly in globe

Original Shell Picture by Susan Ross

JP Ross Beaver Meadow 7 foot 9 inch 3 weight 4 piece with matching pewter Abel Reel

*Proceeds go to Trout Power and supplying even more signage for the River; promoting protection and preservation of our wonderful West Canada Creek. 

Public Apology on behalf of Trout Power.

It appears that Trout Power has made a an error on some of our table tents that you may see out and about around town.

We want to make an apology to Rudy Scialdo owner of Crystal Chandelier Restaurant.  He was mis-represented on some of our advertisements and was not mentioned as the owner. We apologize to Rudy.

Rudy and his staff will be hosting our Gala Friday night at the Crystal Chandelier.  

Thank you Rudy for supporting Trout Power.  We apologize for the mix up.