Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trout Powers' water level data review

Many people keep asking about the "real meaning" of Trout Power.  What does it mean for the water and the fish?  What is happening and what can we do about it?

The initiative to get wild trout in the creek has to do with water management.

Below we graphed the last 60 days or so of water conditions in the reservoir.

In the Spring there is a lot of run off water that fills the reservoir.  Which it did.  However maintaining it to stay full is a job for many different entities and that rule book is the operating diagram.  

You can see by the gray bars that the water level in the reservoir shot up in a matter of days.  This was caused when the ice melted and all that water came out of the Adirondacks. All that water that flows in is represented by the green line.  You can see that not soon after the inflow shot up, it also came back down.  At the same time the red line represents the water that went over or through the dam.  If it goes over, that is an act of GOD, if it goes through, it is man induced.  Right about half way you can see where the outflow of water was greater than the inflow and when that happens the water level in the reservoir goes down.  Due to recent rains you can see the gray bars shooting back up and the green line also shooting up to represent the rain water run off coming in. 

So who chooses how much of the water can go through the dam?   That is determined by the canal corp and the above operating diagram.  Smart people analyze the data and create this operating diagram.  You look at the time of year, and the height of the reservoir and that tells you how much water to release.

But remember, this water does not go directly to the creek.  It then goes into the next reservoir, or Prospect Holding Pond.  There the water is released by Brookfield power, and their FERC license essentially only says that they can not go below 180 or so cfs.

This chart shows how much different the flow in the creek is from the actual water level in the reservoir.  NOTICE that around May 18th, the water pulsing started back up and daily the power company is making on demand power to pump to the grid.

This pulsing and the effect of the pulsing on water temp and cold water refuge is what Trout Power is trying to understand.  We have bought equipment thanks to your support.

data loggers, we have 7
data shuttle, we just bought one. 
sensor anchors

Multiple data sensors and data shuttles are necessary to determine if this pulsing is doing anything to the temperature of the creek. In collaboration with land owners and the NYS DEC, these sensors are being deployed to see what happens in the hot summer months to the water at the bottom of the creek.  Does the sudden release of water affect the cold water.  Does it flush it, or slide right over it and not affect it?  We don't know.  But we will find out. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Superman may wear an S... 
but he still wears tights!


in your new Trout Power Hat & T Shirt 
(if you're inspired to wear tights, well...)

Trout Power on back, JP Ross on front!

Ladies' Hat and V Neck in "Passion Pink" 

Order online today  / All Shirts and Hats $16.95 and net proceeds go right into data collection    and signage for the great West Canada

Will also be ON SALE all Trout Power Weekend Jun 7-8-9
at both TP Headquarters, Harris-Dale Farm & Nursery, Rt 28, Newport

as well as various other TP Events including "Creek Soul" Concert, 
STP, South Trenton, Sat eve 6/8


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Catching the SPIRIT of Trout Power..."



Utica, NY

"Welcome to the TP TRIBE!"

"Trout Power is a natural partnership fit for Adirondack Distilling.  We rely heavily on water to make our unique, locally distilled Vodka.  Water's the lifeblood of all we do."   
- Jordan Karp

Newest member of the Trout Power TRIBE, ADK Distilling Co, Utica NY

A doctor, lawyer and a political consultant walk into a bar…

Sure it sounds like the beginning of a joke. However, in reality, it was actually the beginning of something really special. With a shared love of spirits and specifically Vodka, Bruce Elwell, Steve Cox and Jordan Karp began talking about going into business together.

With a history of home brewing and even some bootleggers in their family trees, making Vodka wasn't just a fantasy, it was good business. But not just any vodka... one that used local ingredients, was gluten-free, and used a distilling process that minimized it's impact on the environment. In 2010 that shared vision of a local distillery, became the very real Adirondack Distilling Company.

They started in 2011 with the purchase of a historic building for the Adirondack Distilling Company on Varick Street in Utica, New York. Using state-of-the-art equipment, a custom-crafted copper still from Germany, and a proven distilling process, Adirondack Distilling Company became Central New York’s latest gem.

Trout Power was given a personal tour with Anita and Jordan of Adirondack Distilling just last week.  Their strategies and efficiencies are bold and beautiful to behold, just like their gloriously smooth Vodka.

We're grateful and proud to Welcome them to the Trout Power family and are excited about our new friends on Varick Street.

Trout Power gets a Tour at ADK Distilling Co


Join the ADK Distilling Team @ Trout Power Gala & Silent Auction, Fri 6/7 @ The Crystal Chandelier.  Taste the difference for yourself when ADK Distilling and Trout Power AUCTION OFF a uniquely crafted ADK Distilling Basket of Joy!

There's a good chance you won't have enough tasting of ADK Distilling Company's Vodka Friday evening, so COME ON DOWN to "CREEK SOUL" Saturday night @ South Trenton Pub, South Trenton.
Live Music, ADK Distilling Vodka Sampling :)   and Vodka for Sale!  Concert with Dean Batstone begins @ 730pm

with ADK Vodka

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FF Team USA partners with TROUT POWER!


Fly Fishing Team USA

FF Team USA consists of competitive fly fishermen and U.S. representatives and ambassadors  around the world, including The World Fly Fishing Championships hosted by Fips-Mouche

Team USA's mission is to share the world of competition fly fishing within the United States to expand the sport and passion for the outdoors.

Their desire is to conserve and protect our fishing resources within the U.S. through education, seminars, clinics and advancements to the fly fishing public.

Click Here to Volunteer with FF Team USA
Syracuse, NY
June 1-2, 2013

Volunteers Needed

Interested in checking out a fly fishing competion?  We can gurantee you it's not what you think!  It's a lot of fun and you can learn a ton in so little time.  

Send us an email at for more information and we will get right back to you!

Competitor List
Sean Crocker
Andrew Koons
Brian Wheelock
John Killinger
Bill Steudler
Hunter Hoffler
Leonard Sauers
Gabriel Wittosch
Kalvin Kaloz
Ryan Wilbur
David Bond
Hunter Enloe
Scott Enloe
Jamie Tehonica
Bryan Doyle
Mark Hanes
Joey Walraven
Devin Olsen
Dejon Hamann
Bob Lux
Heather Seitz
Jeffery Turner
Travis Weaver
Chris Smith
John M Anderson
Kurt Finlayson
Glade Gunther
Paul Bourcq
Pat Weiss

Facebook Event Page:

Friday, May 31st - Sunday, June 2nd


Chittenango Creek, Chittenango, NY
Map: TBA
More info:

Butternut Creek, Jamesville, NY
Map: TBA
More info:

Limestone Creek, Fayettville, NY
More info:

Green Lake, Green Lakes State Park, NY
Map: TBA
More info:

Stocking Reports:

Schedule of Events:
7:30pm :: Beat Draw at Maplewood Inn, catered dinner provided by Carnegie.

9:00am - 12:00pm :: Session 1
2:00pm - 5:00pm :: Session 2

9:00am - 12:00pm :: Session 3
2:00pm - 5:00pm :: Session 4
6:30pm :: Awards Dinner at Maplewood Inn, catered dinner provided by Carnegie.

Every angler will need a New York State Fishing License.  These are valid from October 1 through September 30 each year and can be purchased online at: or can be purchased in person at any NYS Dick's Sporting Good's or Walmart.

State Park Fee:
Green Lakes State Park has a $8 per car fee.

A comp water no-fish policy will be in affect for all rivers starting Sunday June 24th, 8pm.  Practice water will remain open for West Canada Creek, Chittenango Creek and Nine Mile Creek.  Green Lake will have no practice water.

Maplewood Inn:
Discount Link:  (PROMO CODE: FISH2)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Our first Trout Scout.


Bug Whisperer 

and this year’s

Trout Power 

Logan Webster's first fish!
Little Falls, NY   “I met a photographer last year who was visiting our area to participate in a Trout Power event.  We had an extensive and intriguing conversation about the goals and future of the event and the area  in general,” says Juli Webster, Logan's mom and owner of The Mustard Seed & Antiques at Stone Mill in Little Falls, NY. “Recently, a Trout Power FaceBook ad popped up and I remembered hearing about the event so I wanted to learn more” says Juli.  "Now, with Trout Power's special permission, my son Logan's fishing in the Tournament!"

"Bug Whisperer, Logan Webster"
Nature Lover.  Juli’s 8 year old son Logan is a true blue nature lover. He has always instantly fallen in love with any creature he could get his hands on.  Logan’s always had a “dead bug jar” for insects that required further study- cicadas, bees, dragonflies, beetles- whatever Logan found in his adventures. 

Logan taught himself to read after he got tired of waiting for grown-ups to identify the different species!

Last summer, while camping at Lake Durant, Logan was able to wade in the water at Lake Durant and fish unsupervised as he had taught himself to tie the knots for swivels, bait his own hook and gently remove the small Perch and Pumpkin seeds that he’d been catching.  Logan’s mom remembers him coming back to camp with a 17 inch Largemouth Bass in tow.  

Logan declared “Fishing is my life!”  and he’s gladly accepted any opportunity to catch and release fish even if only off the bridge near the front door of his Mom’s shop.  Very few days have gone by in the last year without at least a few of Logan’s casts going in some body of water.  The memory card’s full of proud catches before being released.  

Logan’s passion has inspired his dad, uncle, great-aunt and grandparents to rediscover their love of being outdoors and fishing. When the snow covers everything, Logan and his family watch the ice fisherman on Canadarago Lake.


Logan’s rituals.  Logan does a nightly reorganization of the tackle box and takes a rope to bed to practice knot tying. Logan reads every possible fish identification book from the library and watches countless YouTube videos of fishermen. 

Jeremy Wade of River Monsters is Logan’s latest role model (survivalists now took a back seat), not only because of his monstrous catches, but because of the biological studies behind them. 

Spring time brings about craw fishing, frogging and of course, fishing.  Logan continues to evolve in his fishing expertise and interest while his whole family has a blast following him around to as many New York waterways as possible. Though Logan is shy, fishermen at the shop love trading secrets with him and enjoy cluing us in on their favorite spots.  Logan’s honored and excited to be this year’s

Trout Power Honorary Trout Scout!

Logan Webster, Honorary Trout Scout

Logan "Froggin'"

Juli Webster owns The Mustard Seed & Antiques in Little Falls, NY.  She makes her own line of products including dip mixes, beeswax candles, herbal home-keeping products as well as sell antiques, vintage items and other retail lines. The shop is located in historic Canal Place on the Mohawk River, steps away from the Erie Canal.  

Juli home-educates her two boys, ages 6 and 8 ½, and both boys are often with her at the shop. No doubt, Logan’s never-ending search for the coolest bug and the most beautiful fish, keeps his Mom, Juli on her toes!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cortland Line agrees to send lines for Trout Power

Cortland line company.  A local fly fishing company and proponent of clean water and wild trout preservation is donating lines for Trout Power as prizes for creel study, and also as items for the silent auction.

Trout Power and Dairy Princess Collaborate to Celebrate West Canada Creek at Fishing Derby June 8

Make plans to get your little fisherman to cow and trout country for the Children’s Fishing Derby during Trout Power Weekend at Harris-Dale Farm and Nursery pond in Newport, N.Y. on Saturday, June 8. Trout Power is a community initiative to help protect, promote and to allow the West Canada Creek to prosper. Check the full Trout Power Weekend Events at

Trout and cows share the need for…water and the West Canada Creek. Many of Herkimer County’s 150 dairy farmer families are tending land in the watershed of West Canada Creek to produce nature’s most perfect food: milk from 13,000 cows. A dairy farmer provides their cows 24-hour access to fresh water because a milk cow needs to drink five (5) gallons of milk to make the gallon of milk in your refrigerator.

Consequently, West Canada Creek is a significant hub for producing and providing local milk. Water is the most important nutrient for a dairy cow to have every day. Cows needs to have fresh water available to them at all times because it drinks a bathtub of water everyday to keep its four-stomach body healthy. Hence, the largest component of milk is water at 87 percent.

The catch and release derby will begin at 8 a.m. and prizes from the Dairy Princess, Becca Jenkins, and Harris-Dale Stables will be awarded at 11:30. You may pre-register at Healthy snacks and lunch are included in the $5 registration fee.

During and following the fishing derby at Harris-Dale Farm and Nursery, children and parents will be refueled with nutrient-rich milk, cheese or yogurt served by Herkimer County Dairy Princess, Rebecca Jenkins.  Milk from 80-cows that Rebecca helps to feed, clean and keep comfortable, is sold to the Greek yogurt plants nearby – Fage in Johnstown, N.Y. and Chobani in South Edmeston, N.Y.

"One day I ended up working the afternoon on a family-owned airy after having helped return a horse to this farm. I felt an immediate love for both the creatures and the great purpose - producing food for America," says Rebecca Jenkins, Herkimer County Dairy Princess from Newport, N.Y. "As Dairy Princess, it is most important to me to teach the importance of dairy products as a food staple with the benefits they provide for a better, healthier, stronger life."

There will be time to hear Becca’s first-hand accounts about dairy farming and to ask her questions about how cows make milk, how farmers make cows happy and how to make Maple Milk. She will share her favorite way to have her three servings of dairy every day, bestow “got milk?” derby prizes and play a game.

If you'd like to volunteer your time to supervise junior fishers or to help aid in casting or baiting at the derby, please call Stefanie at (315) 725-6061 or email her at Harris-Dale Farm and Nursery is located at 8040 State Route 28, Newport, NY 13416.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Derek DeYoung signed painting donated to Trout Power!

Derek's signing and donating one of his unique, distinctive, absolutely stunning paintings to this year's Trout Power Gala Silent Auction!

Amazing Artist, Derek DeYoung

Derek DeYoung, contemporary fish artist and fly fishing enthusiast, and his wife Janell are located in Livingston, Montana, USA.  Derek shares his exhilirating fishing adventures and experiences in Montana, Alaska and the Florida Keys to fish and paint.

Trout Power is THRILLED and GRATEFUL for Derek's generous donation and support in our efforts to help wild trout thrive in the great West Canada Creek!

Join us Friday evening June 7th at the Gala and Silent Auction
The Crystal Chandelier, Herkimer, NY

Your involvement and contribution directly helps Trout Power's efforts.


One of our goals is to deploy Temperature Data Sensors in the river along different points.
We already have landowner cooperation to implement the sensors.

Another is signage:  Enhance "Leave the river better than you found it" signage,
while we continue the ongoing communication, awareness raising, and education required to

3 Ps of Trout Power

Protect, and foster
Prosperity in our region's communities, and for this river.

Derek has caught the power!  You can too...
See you Trout Power Weekend June 7th, 8th, 9th

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Catch the Power!" THANK YOU to TP 2013 SPONSOR PARTNERS

Trout Power's mission is to change the world by honoring clean water, not by its' clarity, but by the wild trout that live in it.

We are more powerful together than we are divided.  

THANK YOU to all of the wonderful Ambassadors and Sponsor Partners that have helped tell the 
Great West Canada Creek Story.  Trout Power is only as powerful as those who carry the TP FLAG and wave it high!  See you on the River and Thank You again, we love you all and are forever grateful...

"Eventually, all things merge into one... 
and a River runs through it."
                                                - Norman Maclean
"THANK YOU FOR A 2ND YEAR! to Oneida County Tourism
for their belief and Grant commitment to Trout Power" 
JP Ross of JP Ross Fly Rods & Co.
Co-Founder Trout Power,
Forging a Stewards' path for us all

2013 Official Rubber Ducky Race Sponsor
Buy Duckies here & Join us at the Race, Sun 6/9 Noon
Afterwards, Free Ice Cream, Cheese tastings &
CookBook signing with The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Official Trout Power Marketing Partner

"Joe Knows... Trout!"

Thank You! to Renee Chevat & her entire Team as they
once again Support Trout Power 2013 with the Official
Tournament Awards Ceremony Sunday, June 9th

Newport, NY &
Thank You to Harris Dale Farm & Nursery, Official TP Headquarters
and Trout Power Merchandise Distributor
Thank You to Stefanie @ Harris Dale Stables for hosting
the 2013 Children's Fishing Derby, Saturday June 8th!

Pulse Magazine, Official Media Partner
Thank You! Janet & Team for a FABULOUS job !

GREAT JOB to one of our Print Partners, The Mid-York Press
Krista & Sweetie Pies in Poland host site again for 2nd Annual
Power Walk & Run, Sunday, June 9th 

THANK YOU to the Mohawk Valley Water Authority
for your support of Trout Power 2013 and Sponsorship!

Bow Guru in Holland Patent, Hosting Archery Tournament
Saturday, June 8th You don't want to miss it!

BID on a gorgeous Abel Reel @ Friday night's
Gala & Silent Auction at
The Crystal Chandelier, Herkimer, NY

THANK YOU to Dan DeLawyer for all of your support
and energy you give us everyday! And for the FABULOUS
Silent Auction you've helped orchestrate this year!
To our newest Partner & Trout Power Ambassador,
THANK YOU Tailwater Lodge.  We're proud to call you FRIENDS & Supporters!
Tailwater Lodge, Altmar, NY

HATS OFF to Ken Crane for his and FF Team USA's
support of Trout Power 2013.
Contact Ken to volunteer for the FF Team USA Regional
happening in our area June 1st-2nd

South Trenton Pub, South Trenton
"Creek Soul" Concert with Dean Batstone 
Saturday, June 8th @ 730pm

Frank and his entire team at Boulevard Graphics have been phenomenal to work with!
If you'd like to be an Official Trout Power Merchandise Distributor CLICK HERE

Buy Your Ducks again this year with Terry @ Trention Station, Barneveld, NY
(Winning Ducky last year!) 

The Crystal  Chandelier, Herkimer NY
Host of our Fri Eve Gala & Silent Auction.Thank You Rudy!
Thank You for your Silent Auction & Gala Donation!
Herkimer County Dairy Promotion

Find them here on Facebook

All the beautiful BANNERS and Road Signs you've fallen in love with...
come from Jim Hickey & his Team @ Charles Signs, Liverpool, NY

A special Thanks to Mark Canfield and all at
You've always been there for us and we're grateful!
Utica, NY

If Trout Power has not appropriately recognized a Sponsor Partner for Trout Power please let us know! The support has been tremendous and we're working hard to keep up in making sure we're properly tipping our hats to those who BELIEVE!  "CATCH THE POWER!"