the greatest boat lift of all time..

on 9/11 I was owner of Rising Trout Outfitter fly shop.  I remember sitting in my office that day and watching the news on the PC.  Shortly after the crisis started, people started to come to the fly shop.  Everyone was friends.  If you have a local fly shop, and you like going there, you know what I mean.  You are a friend....   That day I remember going through more coffee than we ever did in a week and we ordered many pizzas.  People just came...  The fly shop was a place of non-reality.  It was a place where people were comfortable. 
About a month after that a proud but startled man walked into my shop.  His name was Rob, and unfortunately I have lost touch with him.  He was a fireman in NY.  He walked in and was greeted by Montana, my Black Lab.   "Howwww ya dooinn" he said to her, with his thick NY accent...   "What the _ _ _ _ is your story, bud"  I asked him. 

Later that night, Steve and I took Rob to Cavallos after fishing the West Canada Creek.  We had a great time and he came up time after time.  One day he actually brought us a piece of the tower.  I still have it, although I have heard it is illegal to own. 

None the less, one day we were tallking to Rob on the bank of the river, because the fishing was slow.  "you seem better" I told him.  Although Rob never told us that he had issues with that day and event, we knew he had a heavy heart. 

"The West Canada Creek saved me", he told us.  "You guys taking me under your wing and sharing this river with me has saved me." 

I miss Rob, and spoke to him last, probably about 5 years ago.  I have tried to call him, but his cell does not work anymore. 

It was the power of the river that helped Rob and many others I have met over the 15 Years in this business. 
Here is a movie about the Boating Captains that saved over 500,000 people on 9-11 by boat.  It has touched me, and I hope it touches you.  Make sure you get to 6 minutes.  I think I started to cry at that point.


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