New update and trying to decide on logos for Trout Power

Trout Power Update


The last couple weeks have been great weeks for Trout Power.  As many of you know, I met with Congressman Hanna about Trout Power and its desire to bring more people to the communities in Russia, Poland, Newport and Middleville.  I also spoke with the Governors office and received great support.  I have dropped a line to the Oneida County Tourism Office, but have not heard back.  I hope to catch up with them today.

Grass Roots efforts included hitting the road and speaking to a few local shops.  One is a co-op shop in Newport.  It is the site of the old West Side Saloon.  They and the West Canada Sport Shop were happy to hear about the idea of a tournament and also enlightened me that there was a meeting in Norway recently discussing the rebuilding of the Grays Reservoir.  

I also recently posted some articles that Mike Shaffer sent over.  These were written in 2004 and 2005.  

After posting these on facebook, I received a message from Morgan Lyle himself.  Perhaps a new updated article, talking about Trout Power is coming soon.

An anonymous supporter is also working on an article explaining the water system and where the water goes from Hinkley Dam to the Mohawk River.

Next Steps for Trout Power will probably involve me, with Matt Cucci setting up a grass roots town meeting to begin planning for the event in the spring.  Matt had some great ideas, like a Trout Power 5k run and also a Mountain Bike Race.  

I also spoke with Jay-K Lumber and they too are behind the event and want to support. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported this so far.  I understand that people are still talking that this is solely a JP Ross Fly Rod Company event, and that is why I decided to start this web page instead of promoting on the JP Ross Web site.



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