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  1. Murph:

    Sounds like a way to promote JP Ross?
  2. Jordan Ross:

    Hi Murph. In a way, I guess trout power will promote JP Ross. But I believe it is a way for me to take some of my profit and give it back to the community. Patagonia does it with 1% for the planet. Why can’t I do it with Trout Power. It certainly is going to take time and money to get this project rolling, and JP Ross Fly Rods is willing to help. I hope this is a fair reply to your comment.
  3. Ron Kenyon:

    This is a great idea – it takes people who are truly commited to start something like this.
    Our natural resources are becoming fewer and fewer as time goes by.
    Hang in there – you have a great cause.
    Ron Kenyon

  4. Mike Shafer:

    I agree that the West Canada could be a world class trout river but from my perspective the number 1 issue preventing that is the pulsed flows that have gotten much worse in the last two years. Ten years ago Morgan Lyle wrote a number of articles regarding Brascan when they were pulsing the river from 400-800 cfs. I recently talked to Morgan and told him we didn’t know how lucky we were to have those flows at the time. Brookfield’s practice of pulsing 500 cfs all night and 1500 cfs all day has all but eliminated decent fishing conditions on the river. Until and unless we can resolve that issue to more fishable flows, everything else is a mute point. I have written several letters to the different power companies over the years, but it will take far more than my lone pleadings. I think you are on the right track by making contact with as many stakeholders as possible. I have the name of the contact person at Brookfield whom I have written to if it will help you.

  5. Jordan Ross:

    Thanks Everyone for you response to Trout Power, especially Mike and Ron.
    I do not yet understand the dynamics of why the water is pulsed the way it is, but I presume it is for on-demand power. On-Demand (I assume), can be sold at a higher price. Again… I need to learn more about this.
    Trout Power is the premise that we will get the town and the people behind the Resource that is the River. Eventually our political figures will help us persuade Brookfield to manage flows so that we can bring people to the river to fish.
    I completely agree that the pulsing is the issue. And I mention in the Trout Power Document that consistent flows and predictable flows is a necessity. Thankfully the flows are not killing fish, just making it hard to catch them.
    Please email me your contacts at Brookfield.
    Thanks… Jordan Ross
  6. gary goodwin:

    Great idea to call attention to the West Canada and its potential as a fishery and economic resource.
    I have fished the Creek for over 25 years, and the current flow levels are the worst ever. I would like to contact Brookfield Energy and try to get some accommodation to fishermens’ needs.
    The name and address of the contact person would be much appreciated.

    How can i help with Trout Power?
  7. Mike Shafer:
    I am mailing Jordan copies of a couple of articles written by Morgan Lyle of the Gazette back in 2004/2005. At that time Morgan discovered that it was actually the NYS Power Authority who determines the flows in the river. A STATE AGENCY came up with the pulsing flows. I wrote to then Gov. Pataki, Assemblyman Marc Butler and Senator Hugh Farley with no success. It will take a coordinated effort by a lot of people to try and bring change. Mike

    Thanks Mike.  I will be starting a new web site and 

    I will post these and other information on that site. 

    Thank you for your interest in this movement.

  8. kim ernst:
    Jordan any fisherman with any love of the river should get behind this,if only in the hope that it will turn some heads,no one , or any company should have the power to do to a trout stream what this company does,285 cfs-1500cfs that’s a mini flood every 12 hours,you’ve a great idea,what can i do? Kim
  9. Jordan Ross:

    There have been a lot of comments on how to get behind Trout Power and start to get things going to promote the River. The biggest issue that has come up from this movement seems to be the pulsing of the water issue. I do not know if Brookfield Power does this on purpose or is mandated to do so. But I am going to find out. In the mean time, here is the contact info for the General Manager for Brookfield Power. If you have caught the power, one thing you can do is email David and ask why the River Pulses like it does. Share that information with me so I can post on the website. I expect I will have the Trout Power web site up and running in about a week.
    David H. Preble
    General Manager
    National System Control Center
    US Operations

    Brookfield Renewable Power Inc.
    200 Donald Lynch Blvd., Suite 300
    Marlborough, Ma. 01752
  10. Angela @ blue i marketing:

    To date, while hearty in effort and passion, fly fishermen alone have not had enough power to affect a positive impact in flows on the West Canada.
    There’s a longstanding consensus the flows are unpredictable, dangerous, and negatively impacting on multiple levels.
    All parties, including Brookfield, must WIN here or there will be failure altogether.
    The brotherhood calls for a spirit of collaboration; a spirit of looking forward, in the spirit of solid solutions that work for everyone.
    To affect change, you must come to the party with these principles in mind.
    The water has a story.
    The fish have a story.
    The people who want their children and their children’s children to hold their heads high in pride for the Town they call “Home” ... have a story.

    Can you see this goes beyond the scope of the flows? Talking flows, while understandable, won’t affect change. We have to band together as well as stand alone – with a singular purpose:
    Make everyone, in their own way, more emPOWERed = NEW Thinking and NEW Doing.
  11. john hildenbrandt:
    jp is a very good friend and agreat supporter of blueheron and yes i we greatly appreciate his drive and stamena for protecting trout waters. so jordon all the power for setting up trout power. let me know how i can help support with this progect. kudows to jp for a job well done. best regards john.


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