Trout Power Fly Fishing Tournament to be held June 2012 on West Canada Creek, NY

Thanks to  great response from the Trout Power Campaign so far, we have decided to have a fishing Tournament on the West Canada Creek in June of 2012. 

The Trout Power Tournament will be only outside the Trophy Section and will be open to any type of fishing technique as long as it is single hook artificial and NO BAIT.  The Tournament will also be strictly Catch and Release. 

We will need lots of volunteers to Police the river during the tournament.  If you are interested in sponsoring or helping out, please email me at

The Tournament will be two days and will have a cash prize of $1000.00 for biggest fish or most fish is still not decided.  During the Tournament there will be lots of fun things to do with the community and after we will have an old fashioned hootenanny.

The Purpose of the tournament is to bring awareness to the river, the area and the business that surround the river.  It is clearly documented the the Trophy Section up river has been a great success, but we want to focus on the sections of the river around the towns, such as Russia, Poland, Newport and Middleville.

Sign up will start January 1st, and currently there is no plan to limit the number of anglers or assign particular sections or beats.  

Please stay tuned on this web site and on for more details. 


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