What is Trout Power all About?

I recently have come up with a concept to help bring awareness to the West Canada.  I know that many local fisherman are going to hate me for promoting the West canada Creek, but the truth is; if no one knows about the creek, no one will support and fight for the creek.  Below is the meaning of Trout Power.  Let me know via email, if you can help with this movement and if you support the movement.  
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Trout Power:  growing commerce, community spirit, and industry around the conservation of trout.
Did you know that Trout have the power to…..

·         Bring thousands and even millions of dollars to businesses around the West Canada Creek!
·         Be a metric to determine if the quality of the West Canada Creek water is clean!
·         Monitor flows in the creek to manage hydro power!
·         Bring communities and town together to work for a common goal!
·         Bring jobs and promote commerce to our West Canada Valley Communities!
·         Bring Industry and manufacturing to our West Canada Valley!
·         Attract people from all over the world to fish for them!

Well they can, they will, and they do!  

Trout Power is a movement that I created.  I am JP Ross and I am a business owner and conservationist, and I am passionate about preserving the West Canada Creek and it’s Brown Trout that live in it.  In fact, I am so passionate about it, that I believe one day this creek will be world famous and will attract people from all over the world, and be a source of green power.
Although the Trout do have the power to do all the things mentioned above, it is the water that is the Hero. 
1.       If there is water in the creek, then fish can live in the creek
2.       If there is current in the creek, than trout can live in the creek
3.       If there are trout in the creek, the creek is clean
4.       If there is current in the creek, than there is a source for hydro power
5.       If there are consistent flows in the creek, than insects can thrive in the creek
6.       If insects thrive, there are great hatches
7.       If there are great hatches in the creek, than people will come to fish
8.       If people come to the creek, they will love the creek
9.       If they love the creek, they will tell their friends and they will come back
10.   If they tell their friends and come back, more people will come to the creek
11.   If more people come to the creek, than local businesses will grow
12.   And if we conserve the trout, the trout will replace themselves and we will not have to stock
It all revolves around conservation of the water and using trout as the metric for success.  It’s easy for everyone to love trout.  Trout are associated with clean water, and who does not love clean water. 
If the trout live, we are doing well.  If the numbers of trout grow, we are doing great.  If the trout die, we are doing badly.  It’s a pretty simple concept.

So what does success look like for the Trout Power Movement?  I have broken down a list of goals we can accomplish.

·         Education. We need to all get behind this program.  That has already started with me talking to groups like the River Keepers and the Fly Fishers Anglers Association.  I also have talked to Congressman Hanna and I look forward to talking to the mayors of Newport, Middleville and Poland.  We all need to work together and we all need to understand what we are fighting for.

·         The Asphalt Plant.  The Trout Power plan suggests that as long as you don’t kill the trout, or hurt the trout, you are doing well.  So this plan is not an Anti-Commerce Plan.  It simply says, if any industry comes to the area and it hurts the trout, it is bad.

·         Commerce.  The first step for commerce is to get the flows in the creek to stabilize and be predictable.  Brookfield Power is doing a great service by providing hydro power, but is doing a bad service by not allowing us to predict the flows in a timely manner to allow people to travel to the creek to fish on the weekend.  We need to have flows that are consistent and predictable.   The second step to promote commerce is to attract people to the area, to Catch The Power.   We need to have a tournament or a get together that will bring people to our towns and villages, and spend some time and spend some money and stay awhile and Catch the power of the creek, the trout, the scenery and the people.  

·         Promote.  Do people drive through Poland, Middleville and Newport like they drive through Manchester Vermont? Do they slow down looking for a bakery, a flower shop, craft store, or an old fashioned hardware store that is famous?  They don’t, but they don’t know they should or can.  People don’t want to drive on Rte 28 to go to Starbucks!  They want to stop at the West Canada Creek Bakery, or Sweetie Pies.  And then we want them to rent a kayak, and then we want them to realize that the day has slipped away and they better stay at a bed and breakfast, and go out to dinner at a local restaurant.  And then at breakfast they will hear about the Mum Festival happening today and they will stay an extra day, and come back next year to do it again.  Promotion starts with something to promote…  we have to work with the communities and the chambers of commerce to determine what our strengths and weaknesses are and improve our weaknesses and promote and grow our strengths.  Right now, the only one we have is the Trout…  but that’s a start.  

I don’t have all the answers, but I know that together with a common theme and a common goal we will do better than if we work alone.  I want to see more of this creek preserved, and I can’t do that unless we put the Creek on the map.  No one wants to protect a Creek they know nothing about.  

I have Caught the Power and I want to Spread and Grow the Power…  how about you?


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