Update on Trout Power, and the Trout Power Tournament

The Trout Power Tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday June 9 and 10th 2012.  So far the response has been very good for this type of thing and I am very excited to see it moving forward.

Here are some details on the rules as they begin to be formulated.
  • the Trout Power tournament will be based on teams of 2, registration will start in January 2012. cost for entry will be $60.00 per team. Sign up now.
  • The Trout Power tournament will be a catch and release tournament, any fish that is purposefully killed will cause immediate disqualification. 
  • Any form of fishing will be acceptable, as long as:  it is single hook on a fly or lure and no bait.  A fly and a dropper is acceptable, but no more than two flies in such a rig. 
  • Other methods of fishing, such as dapping, noodling, float fishing, etc... are all acceptable and applauded.  Be prepared to explain to others your methods so everyone can learn.
  • First prize will be based on the team that logs the most total inches caught in two days.  This award will be awarded to the team and is a $1000.00 Cash Prize.
  • Fish length will be documented by participants with a digital camera and a tape measure. A Trout Power item will be distributed at the beginning of each fishing day.  At that time the right or left side of the fish will be designated by the officials. Each angler is required to have the following in the digital photograph of each fish caught:  The right or left hand side of the fish (determined that day by officials)  the Trout Power item, and a ruler showing the size of the fish.    For that day each fish must be documented in the fishing log provided and those logs will be collected at the end of the Tournament Day.  Participants are also encouraged to email or text their photos immediately after data collection, however hard copy images and log books will still be required. 
  • anyone caught cheating will be fined $500.00
  • New York State officials will be on sight
  • Tournament starts at 6:00 am on Saturday, check in at 5:00 am to start and first check point will be at noon and sunset Saturday.  Trout Power Tournament starts on Sunday at 5:00am and ends at 10:30am on Sunday.  Awards will be presented at noon.

  1. First Prize for most inches trout of any species caught in two days will be $1000.00
  2. Biggest fish caught by length and girth of ANY species will be $200.00 in gift cards to Jay-K Lumber and Hardware.
  3. Most inches of fish caught in first day will receive a Wheatley fly box from REC Components. 
  4. Mad River Sports is happy to donate $200.00 in gift certificates for the longest trout caught in the first day.


  1. How come JP ROss isn't donating anything in the way of prizes????????????????

  2. Hi Anonymous... JP Ross is donating. We are donating the $1000.00 cash for most inches of fish caught. I suppose it could be considered the main prize of the tournament. But remember, Trout Power not just a trout fishing tournament. There are lots of other things for families to do that weekend. Hope to see you there.

  3. Will there be a prize for "smallest", or "least number caught"? Looking forward to it, and I'll probably be able to claim either one of those. ha ha ha. Mark.


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