REC Components, gives a testimonial for Trout Power

REC Components is pleased to support the “Trout Power” initiative envisioned by Jordan Ross, the founder of JP Ross Fly Rods.   By supporting “Trout Power” the environmental and economic welfare of West Canada Creek and the valley and communities through which it flows in Central New York will be enhanced for the common good of local citizens, anglers, and businesses.  Stated Alan Gnann, President of REC, “we applaud the efforts of Jordan Ross to bring the benefits of clean water, healthy insect hatches, and the overall health of the West Canada Creek watershed to the attention of all local stakeholders.  It is well recognized that the recreational impact of a scenic and productive fishery such as the West Canada leads to important economic growth for the region.  We encourage everyone to learn more about and participate fully in the success of this important program”

Are you a business that wants to help support Trout Power...  please get a hold of Jordan Ross  


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