Trout Power fishing Tournament is starting to get some great participants.

I had the pleasure today of opening my email and seeing yet another sign up for the Trout Power Fishing Tournament being held in June 2012 on the West Canada Creek.  This time we got a sign up by a few guys all the way in Michigan. 

I can not wait to meet and hang out with these guys.  Also, make sure you check out their blog.

"We're really excited to make the trip from Michigan to fish in the Trout Power Tournament in June. We've wanted to fish the Adirondack region for years and this is a great opportunity for us to learn more about the resource, to meet other anglers, and to help JP Ross focus attention on the way that healthy local waters bring recreational tourism dollars to local businesses." - Jordan J. Lindberg (Traverse City, MI) & Bryon Anderson (Holland, MI)


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