Silicon Valley and Recht Associates joins Trout Power

John Fullem from Recht and Associates heard about Trout Power and wanted to get involved.  He said;  "this is a great idea, we should do something like this up here at Tahoe."  So there you have it....  John and Recht Associates from California have caught the power.

I have known John for almost 6 years now and he now has capitalized on some of the great fishing around the San Francisco Bay area. John is partner of Recht Associates a manufacturers representative in the awesome Silicon Valley.  As luck would have it, the first time I met John he said... "you are from where?  Utica???"  John proceeded to tell me how he actually was born in Utica, NY and spend much of his young childhood there. 

When I come to California for the work I do in Electronics Materials sometimes I will spend an extra day with John and fish with our buddy RJ Waldron of North Wind Outfitters. 

Here is a quality fish we got with RJ on a Saturday fish. 

Thanks John we appreciate the support...  I hope you can make it for the Tournament. 


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