Sweet Basils in Barneveld posts Trout Power Sign.

Sweet Basil's in Barneveld, NY is a proud supporter of Trout Power.  I expect at the time of the Trout Power (TM) Tournament people will be backed up at their door trying to fill up on the best breakfast around.  I go there constantly.  It is a short drive up to Barneveld, but well worth it.  It is a nice drive up 12, or take the back way up to Holland Patent and drop right into downtown Barneveld.  I often go there to visit our friends at River Hills Properties. 

Trout Power is right around the corner, and there has been some talk about the tournament and why we are having it.  One of the main reasons we are having it is because the trout power tournament is also a Creel Study.  By getting advice from the NYS DEC we are collecting data on the West Canada Creek.  This tournament/ creel study is a great way for us to understand the river outside the designated trophy section.  I have an objective to designate another trophy section or blue ribbon section in Poland, or Middleville, or Newport.  Something to help spawn more commerce for those businesses around the creek, and also perhaps help promote more business development. 

Thoughts and ideas?  Please post as a comment or email me directly. jpross@jprossflyrods.com


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