Trout Power: Access on the West Canada Creek

As many of you know, the make or break of any public activity has a lot to do with the planning and execution of the event and campaign.  This week we are going to focus a bit more on the issues affecting the West Canada Creek itself and also the possible pitfalls of the Trout Power Weekend, if not communicated and educated properly.

Trespassing:  Bringing thousands of people to the West Canada Valley to kick start our economies is our goal at Trout Power.  However, leaving garbage and unhappy land owners if the furthest thing from success that I can think of.  That is why it is important that we disclose public access points for the river and also public fishing rights. 

Public Access Points are designated by State signs and Anglers Park Here signs. 

Public Fishing Rights are areas where streambanks are designated as public fishing easements.  These are still Private Property but there are signs designating that you can walk on the streambank to go from place to place. 

This sign is an example of public fishing rights.  If you see this sign you can walk on the stream bank up to the perceived high water mark.  I am not sure if that is the actual law, but I do know that if you are respectful and stay off the land and as close to the river as possible, are quite and do not liter, the land owners will continue to offer such rights. 

Please look for these signs all through the Trout Power Tournament. 


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