Trout Power hits the news

04/01/2012 06:27 PM

Trout season starts, money to follow

By: Andrew Sorensen copyright YNN. 

Trout and Salmon season started Sunday, bringing plenty of anglers out to try to cast a line or two. Fishing is a multi-billion dollar industry in the state. As our Andrew Sorensen tells us, one Whitesboro company wants to use the Mohawk Valley's unique fishing access to lure in a boat load of tourism dollars.

UTICA, N.Y. -- People lined the freshly melted shores of the West Canada Creek, eager to cast lines on opening day for trout and salmon season Sunday.
But in a one room cabin in Whitesboro, one of the area's most avid fly fishers worked.

"I love it," JP Ross Flyrods owner Jordan Ross said Sunday. "I'm a passionate angler, and I'm also a passionate businessman."
Jordan Ross makes custom fly rods by hand and sells them all over the world. He's excited for trout season because he believes it can save the West Canada.
It may be opening day, but the fish are nowhere to be found, partly because it's so cold. Local fishermen are hoping that as the season warms up, the fish will start rolling in along with the tourism.
"How do we take something that we're doing to give us our living and then spread that out to help the area?" said Ross.

Ross wants to help the area cash in on New York's $1.8 billion fishing industry with a three-day trout fishing tournament in June.

"Trout Power is more than just a tournament," he said. "It's really a movement to bring people up to the area and put the West Canada on the map."

He then wants to translate the tourism to conservation awareness.
Ross explained, "Fly fishing is very intimate with the environment, and it really has no social obligation other than preserving clean water."

Ross believes that building tourism around the West Canada, and keeping it pristine, will bring millions of dollars to the area and keep it even cleaner for generations to come.


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