Trout Power publicity... good and bad, read on.

Well, its been one day since our press conference about Trout Power, and as the freedom of America shines, so to do the opinions on Trout Power.  I was able to field two voice mails from people today, both people unfortunately not leaving their contact information to talk to me about Trout Power.  Both were negative about the self serving possibilities of Trout Power, and also the fact that the West Canada is a secret and is a gem, and Trout power is going to ruin it. 

I think that these phone messages could not come at a better time.  Because the other 6 messages and 6 emails that we received about people and businesses in the area that wanted to support Trout Power spoke and sang a different tune.  Those calls were about wanting to be involved and wanting to support the preservation of the river and of course the prosperity of their towns and businesses. Fortunately those calls and emails did leave contact information and they all will be responded to promptly. 

It certainly will be a long road to get the West Canada Creek to the status of the Yellowstone or the Deleware, if that is even what we want...  But I can tell you that it is going to be hard to hide a trout stream in which over 50 miles of its banks are adjacent to a state Route.  Im sorry, but its no secret.  We mentioned in the conference yesterday that if this were a brook trout stream 50 miles in the Adirondacks, we would not be promoting it.  The West Canada Creek is a put and take fishery that the state stocks.  We dont even have data to know if fish are reproducing in the creek, that is the point of the creel study. 

Trout Power is not about one single company or bed and breakfast.  It is about people getting behind something that they believe in.  When this works, even the nay-sayers will look back and realize that bringing awareness to this resource is a clear way to preserve it.  At the very least...  I ask those people to please at least try to help us preserve this Creek.  Being negative and boycotting a change to go from good to great is not going to help anyone. 

I have two friends that were totally against Trout Power when we came up with the idea.  However after years of trying to keep this creek as secret as possible, businesses and economies along the creek dwindled.  Today both of those friends called me and said that they wanted to be at the head of the line to volunteer and that they saw the good in this campaign. 

Negative comments will be recieved, but will not be responded to.  Constructive comments however will be embraced and used to fortify this campaign and strategy. 

I will be the first one to support a better plan to preserve the West Canada Creek and bring prosperity to the town on its banks.  This is what we got so far, and this is what we are rolling with.  Failure is just not an option.  We are not looking back, and prosperity and conservation is in our future

catch the power!

JP Ross


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