"Angela accepts GRANT on behalf of 

                Trout Power from Oneida County Tourism"

pictured left to right are Beth Jones, Chairperson for Oneida County Tourism,
Angela Moonan, Co-founder of Trout Power and Owner of blue i marketing, 
http://blueimarketing.com/ and Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente

Oneida County Tourism Presents Tourism Marketing Grant Assistance Awards

Trout Power is gaining terrific momentum! With the further support from Oneida County Tourism, we're able to expand our reach with the Trout Power Story and work to shine a helpful and productive, responsible spotlight on the great West Canada Creek and the businesses and communities that line its' banks!

Utica NY - Oneida County Tourism  http://www.oneidacountytourism.com/ is pleased to announce the grant recipients of its second annual competitive grant program, the Tourism Marketing Grant Assistance Program (MGAP). The grant awards provide financial assistance for the promotion of tourism attractions, events and activities taking place in Oneida County, New York. 

Kelly Blazosky, President of Oneida County Tourism, stated “We are pleased to administer this grant program to offer tourism and tourism related businesses/organizations a means to expand their advertising and promotional efforts.  The MGAP program aligns with our organizational mission to promote the brand and encourage visitation to Oneida County and the Central New York Region.” 

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. said, “We are working hard to make Oneida County a destination for tourists and a center for travelers of all kinds.” He went on to say, “This tourism marketing grant program is yet another initiative formulated to help stimulate the promotional efforts of the entire array of great places to see and things to do here in Oneida County.”

Oneida County Tourism dedicated $81,825.00 to fund the Tourism Marketing Grant Assistance Program (MGAP) which is approximately 12% of the Oneida County Occupancy Tax (bed tax) receipts.  Minimum grant requests were $1,000.00 with maximum grant requests of $7,500.00. The program was open to for-profit and non-profit tourism related businesses and organizations in Oneida County.  Examples of eligible grant activities include advertising placements, website development, direct mail, travel show expenses, and printing of promotional materials. 

Goals of the OCT MGAP program are to:
  1. Expand the advertising reach of tourism businesses and organizations beyond Oneida County
  2. Promote a positive image and increase awareness of Oneida County’s attractions and events
  3. Increase overnight stays in Oneida County lodging facilities


  1. Is trout power non profit or for profit?

  2. Hi Tim. It is really neither. Trout Power right now is an initiative. Angela and I are branding it as trout Power. All the money we get, we re-invest into this event or making the river better or helping the community. For example, a few land owners said that wanted to un-post their property for anglers. So we (trout power) took some of the extra funds we have right now and made 72 all weather signs. This is what they say.

    Special Private Regulations for fishing on Private Property:

    Notice: This land is private and is posted, but in an effort to enjoy and share our resource we will let you fish here.  All we ask is that you leave it better than you found it.  There is no tolerance for littering and we ask that any and all trash that is visible is picked up and disposed of even if it is not yours.  Because the river changes flow daily, new trash can be deposited on our shores every day.  Pick it up please and dispose of properly. 

    By following these rules, we will allow you to walk along our stream bank within 20 feet of its shore and away from any visible structures to honor our privacy.  In turn, we wish you good fishing, and lots of safe fun.  

    Please remember that the state limit is 5 fish per day and only 2 can be over 12 inches. 
    Support our local economy and buy local while you are here. 
    You fish here at your own risk. Any other activity is considered trespassing.
    Please use proper fishing etiquette. If you can see another angler you may be too close.
    Do not crowd the river or this spot.
    We support Catch and Release.

    In an effort to monitor and improve our fishing, please voluntarily report catches through troutpower.com or email to jpross@jprossflyrods.com

    Good Luck Anglers. Catch the Power!!!

    Does that make sense? If this works out, maybe next year it will be a 501c3.

    1. Hello back Jordan. I have heard all of the positives and negatives about this trout power initiative from all the local sources. I have spin fishing buddies who are entering the tournament and they are pumped about the idea of a contest on their home water. I also hear a lot of negatives from friends and others in the local fly fishing community. The fly fishermen who have been fishing this river for years and who have seen the good and bad seem to think that a tournament will bring unwanted pressure to a valuable resource, but what many of these people dont realize is that there is a fly fishing tournament on the trophy section the week before the trout power event. I believe it is just a lack of knowledge on many anglers behalf and the idea of having to share a somewhat heavily pressured body of water with more people seems unbearable.
      When I first heard of this Trout Power scheme i thought it was just that, a money making scheme for JP Ross to whore out our beloved river for himself. Mostly this idea came from reading the initial post on your company website and listening to fellow anglers who either didn't care for you or didn't like the initial proposal. However, over the past few months of watching this movement progress, I have a different belief of you and your motives. I now think you are doing this for the creek and surrounding community and not for your pocket or publicity. This Trout Power movement may be one of the only ways to beat Brookfield Power and win the fight for steady flows and blue ribbon trout fishing. If you use this power the right way Jordan, you may have finally found a way to unite not just the angling community, but the community as a whole to get on the bandwagon to fight for better conditions. Keep up the work and congratulations on the grant.

  3. Thanks for your comments and honesty. This whole thing is a work in progress, and we don't know the best model to use to get the greatest outcome. When I started posting about Trout Power, I was just getting started and I did not know the response I was going to get. I don't gauge the success of the event on how many people like me, I do however gauge the success of the initiative on how many people can start out not supporting it, but end up being the biggest supporter. The concept of Trout Power is exactly as you said: do something to get the communities together. Create something we all can stand behind. We chose the Trout! Other organizations do it with harp seals, or polar bears. Who can say no to wanting clean water and wild trout in the creek?

    Once this gets going and we get the data from the creel study, the next steps will be education and planning. We need to educate the community and the users of the creek so that we do not have trespassing issues or trash. This is being addressed. The planning part has to do with the FERC license (http://www.ferc.gov/industries/hydropower/gen-info/licensing/issued-licenses.asp) Both Hinkley and the Power House dam license will come up for review in 10 years. We have to have all our ducks in a row by then and before to establish NEW rules for managing the river. In the mean time, if Trout Power really spools up, perhaps we can push that for sooner.

    I also want to make it clear that Trout Power supports clean well managed Hydro Power. The last thing we want to do is shut off the water from being a resource. That will help no-one.

    As for the people that don't like me. Well they do their part too. I got some really nasty calls about a month ago, and that pushed us to update our message and make it more clear what the goal was. Those negative comments pushed us to review our message and refine. In my opinion, they were indicators and data points. So we reacted, and the outcome was positive. We needed them. What some people want is the river all to themselves, not pick up trash, not help stock, not participate in the creel study, just come up and fish. "I am retired and I put my time in already" they say. Trust me, I have heard from them. All I ask from them is that they at least try to be positive and try to be part of the solution. If you can't help, your part of the problem. Just from Trout Power this week we have had hundreds of yards of river bank, un-posted for fishing. That is a big step in winning the hearts of the land owners and uniting for a better outcome. United we will make a difference.


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