A landowner asks if they can allow people to fish on their property during Trout Power

A gracious land owner emailed us and asked is they can some how let their land be fished during the creel study.  Currently their land is posted.  In an effort to spawn more activity like this... I thought making some signs would be a good idea. 

what do you think of these?  I need comments please, and if this is a terrible idea, please be nice and give constructive criticism...  :)

Special Regulations for fishing on Private Property:

Notice: This land is private and is posted, but in an effort to enjoy and share our resource we will let you fish here.  All we ask is that you leave it better than you found it.  There is no tolerance for littering and we ask that any and all trash that is visible is picked up and disposed of even if it is not yours.  Because the river changes flow daily, new trash can be deposited on our shores every day.  Pick it up please and dispose of properly. 

By following these rules, we will allow you to walk along our stream bank within 20 feet of its shore and away from any visible structures to honor our privacy.  In turn, we wish you good fishing, and lots of safe fun.  

Please remember that the state limit is 5 fish per day and only 2 can be over 12 inches. 

Support our local economy and buy local while you are here. 

You fish here at your own risk. Any other activity is considered trespassing.

We support Catch and Release.

In an effort to monitor and improve our fishing, please voluntarily report catches through troutpower.com or email to jpross@jprossflyrods.com

Good Luck Anglers. Catch the Power!!!


  1. GREAT idea! Way for homeowners to get involved, be a productive part of creating responsible awareness around use of the West Canada Creek - gives Fishermen a terrific opportunity - builds awareness and educates, a win all around!

  2. Thanks.. we are adding one more thing...

    Anglers please use proper etiquette when fishing. Do not crowd. If you can see another angler, you could be too close.

  3. benjamin bartlettMay 24, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    That's an awesome idea. Some of the best spots I know about are only reachable by canoe/kayak. So by getting more land owners on board then we can really open up way more river for the study.

  4. Hi Everyone. The sign has been approved by a few land owners and I am having 72 of them made in full color and weather proof. You can pick yours up FREE at Trout Power HQ, which is Harrisdale Farms in Newport, Saturday and Sunday mid day.

    Thanks for your support.


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