A Local Fisherman Speaks About Trout Power.

So I just read your post and also went to the Trout Power website and saw that you've addressed this issue several times. I'll admit that I was (and still am a little) nervous about the size and scope of what this is becoming. But I think the way I feel about the quality of the river and how horribly it is being managed has overcome the fears of it being "discovered " and becoming clogged with New Jersey license plates. I love the West Canada (we actually just bought 5 acres of land in Trenton Falls) and the river, fishing, and the area were a big reason I decided to stay in central NY. We fisherman are by nature a secretive, jealous bunch, so any project like this is going to come with some apprehension. I guess the way I look at it is that I would rather be a part of this movement than to bitch and moan about it and see nothing done.

Last week I spent a few days brook trout fishing in the West Canada lakes wilderness with some guys from Newport, including some business owners. They were all very appreciative of Trout Power. We had a long talk about it, and the potential of the river.

That said, I'd like to volunteer my services if needed. As you may or may not know, last winter I bought a Hyde drift boat which I primarily use on the Delaware (it has yet to make its maiden West Canada trip). I thought there may be a use for any officials or press to drift the river during the "creel study" portion to monitor or just to have a photo op. I'd be happy to provide my boat for a drift from Comstock to Newport or whatever. Its a nice boat, and would be very comfortable (and dare I say photogenic).

In fact, I would like to do this, just to be able to say I was a part of this. Please let me know.



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