Matt Dinardo Talks about Trout Power.

This is why I support Trout Power! and I hope you will too...

I am very excited about Trout Power, since I am part of the Virginia team; let me explain why I think this is a great idea. As you know I spent 11 wonderful years living in the Mohawk Valley and loved 99.9% of it. That 0.1% I did not like, was the snow. Why? Because it kept me from fishing. :( I graduated SUNY at Albany and was fortunate enough to obtain a job at WKTV. I was doing weekend weather and I was renting a room up on the old Snyder Farm in the town of Ohio. With the exception of “A River Runs Through It” I never really saw fly fishing. Well in the spring of 1994, that all changed. I would drive down Route 8 to Route 28 and drive over the old Poland Bridge, before they redid the road and I would literally stare at the fly anglers who were performing their craft of casting. At times I would stop and park my car at the Nice and Easy and walk the river and just watch for what seemed like hours. I was in awe. It wasn’t fishing, it was relaxation and an art put together. I watched a few anglers battle some fish, some would win and some would lose with the fish breaking free. This drive “hooked” me.

There was a fly shop in Middleville at the time, The Golden Drake, and they held a weekend casting and fly fishing class in June. I participated in this class and thought, “Wow! Now this is the purist form of fishing.” It wasn’t long before I bought my first fly rod setup and that will be the Fly Rod that I will use in this Tournament/Creel Study. I supported this shop buying leader, flies, and other fly fishing items until it closed down. It was one way for me to give back to the community and river that was now bringing me pleasure on a nearly daily basis.

After a few years, I moved to Deerfield but still traveled back north a few miles to fish the West Canada. It brought peace and solitude to a hectic day. It was also a great way to wrap up an evening before the early morning 4am wakeup call came.
During my time in central New York, I fished many streams, but I always favored the West Canada and I always supported the Kuyahoora Valley. This tournament/Creel Study now gives me a chance to go back to where it all began and help support the local area and economy and give back “information” about the West Canada to the local officials to make this a better stream.

I think you and your team, who have developed and planned out the idea of Trout Power and have planned such a wonderful weekend deserve a tremendous amount of credit. I truly hope that the information collected will help to make the West Canada Creek even better.

Personally, I cannot wait for the weekend of June 9th and 10th to visit a stream that I have not been on in over 9 years; to visit with and fish with old and new friends; and to relax in a very gorgeous section of the Central New York, known as the Kuyahoora Valley. 

Matt DiNardo


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