Thank You Benjamin for taking the time to listen

Angela keeps telling me that the people that come on strong and are upset and seem against you, can end up being your biggest fan.

Not too long ago I had a string of email, phone calls and anonymous comments about Trout Power that quite honestly were just plain negative.  All this feedback ended up actually helping us to create a better message.  In one particular case I ended up speaking to a guy on the phone and realized that I was not telling the story the way I should.  I altered the web site and the way I spoke about the initiative...  it helped a ton!  That call was a now friend and supported of Trout Power.  Ben is now going to be in the Trout Power Creel Study and I received this note from him today.  I wanted to share it with everyone, because Ben has made the choice to be part of the solution.  I truly look forward to seeing him at the event, and I wish him the best of luck with the prizes.  He has caught the power and will be instrumental in helping us preserve the creek.

here is what he wrote me.

Apprehensive was a word I would have used when I saw my first trout power sign outside of the Middleville fish and game club. Then after finding that it was being hosted by some out of town fly pole maker, I was beyond apprehensive. The only reason I could think of that someone would do this is to promote themselves and their business. Then the obvious reprocussions of tresspassers and unwanted trash that is soon to follow. So I spoke with Jordan who totally changed my ignorant point of view as to what this event is really about. First and foremost, the main focus of the tournament is the fish. Not the prize, which I believe is another way Jordan shows his dedication, by donating $1000 of his money. Another thing we spoke of was future generations like his own children, fishing the creek and catching beautiful native trout in a trash free environment. He actually mentioned getting the local scouts and area kids involved which is an excellent idea. After this I realized that this is not someone here to take from this community and leave it behind. Its someone that genunely cares about the fish populations in a river thats always been a home to me no matter how far from it my life may bring me. I am now a proud trout power supporter and I'll spread the word. Thank you Jordan for showing me the "casting light"
Benjamin B. 

With two weeks to go, I am a little nervous.  I can't lie.  But already I can sense the drive to make sure we do not screw up the end game.  The end game is better management, education about access points and public fishing rights, a serious decline of poaching with a goal to eliminate it, and the big dream...  self sustaining wild fish and no more stocking in 12 years time.

I am very excited about what we will learn from Trout Power and this creel study.  I look forward to seeing everyone in two weeks.


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