Update on Tournament and Creel Study.

2012 Trout Power Tournament and Creel Study $1000.00 Prize.

Trout Power Fly Fishing Tournament to be held June 2012 on West Canada Creek, NY 

Grand Prize $1000.00

Thanks to  great response from the Trout Power Campaign so far, we have decided to have a fishing Tournament and Creel Study on the West Canada Creek in June of 2012.

What is a Creel Study?  A creel study is a  way that we can collect data on what is going on with the creek.
Someone called me up the other day, complaining that trout power was a bad idea...  he also wanted to know what good a creel study is for the creek? After I explained, he said " now that sounds like a good idea, thanks for the clarification."
  • what if a majority of the fish caught are caught near Poland?
  • what if no fish are caught in town of Russia?
  • what if all the fish are caught on spinners?
  • what if all the fish are caught on flies?
  • what if we catch a lot of big brookies and not brown trout?
  • what if we catch a lot of smallmouth bass in Newport?
all of this data is good data to help us monitor the creek and help us manage it better. 

The Trout Power Tournament and Creel Study will be only outside the Trophy Section and will be open to any type of fishing technique as long as it is single hook artificial and NO BAIT.  The Tournament will also be strictly Catch and Release. 

We will need lots of volunteers to Police the river during the tournament.  If you are interested in sponsoring or helping out, please email me at jpross@jprossflyrods.com

The Tournament will be two days and will have a cash prize of $1000.00 for biggest fish or most fish is still not decided.  During the Tournament there will be lots of fun things to do with the community and after we will have an old fashioned hootenanny.

The Purpose of the tournament is to bring awareness to the river, the area and the business that surround the river.  It is clearly documented the the Trophy Section up river has been a great success, but we want to focus on the sections of the river around the towns, such as Russia, Poland, Newport and Middleville.

Sign up now.  You can only sign up online. Its $60.00 for two people and your team name will be your order number. You will get two t-shirts and a log book for the Tournament.  You will receive your Trout Power shirt and log book the day before or the Day of the Tournament. 

The Trout Power Tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday June 9 and 10th 2012.  So far the response has been very good for this type of thing and I am very excited to see it moving forward.

Here are some details on the rules as they begin to be formulated.

  • the Trout Power tournament will be based on teams of 2, registration will start in January 2012. Cost to Participate in the Tournament is $60.00 for two people.
  • The Trout Power tournament will be a catch and release tournament, any fish that is purposefully killed will cause immediate disqualification. 
  • Any form of fishing will be acceptable, as long as:  it is single hook on a fly or lure and no bait.  A fly and a dropper is acceptable, but no more than two flies in such a rig. 
  • Other methods of fishing, such as dapping, noodling, float fishing, etc... are all acceptable and applauded.  Be prepared to explain to others your methods so everyone can learn.
  • First prize will be based on total inches caught in two days.  
  • Fish length will be documented by participants with a digital camera and a tape measure.Smart phones can be used and immediately after catching, your logged fish can be emailed or text to the base camp head quarters. As you catch your fish...  any fish you must document them in the log book.  Day one you will receive a Trout Power symbol.  That Symbol needs to be in the photo.  We also will tell you which side of the fish needs to be in the picture.  In order to make sure we get the most out of the Creel Study we need everyone to be a scientist for the day.  The Tournament is just for fun, the Serious part of the day is the data.  All data counts.  Where you caught the fish.  Did it fight hard, does the fish look stocked, does the fish look healthy, what lure, what fly, all that stuff...  The log book will tell you what to fill in.  You have to have a digital camera.  At noon on Saturday, end of day Saturday and 10:30 on Sunday data will be retrieved.  All data will be compiled with photos on this web site after the Tournament so everyone can enjoy... including the NYS fisheries biologist. 
  • Missed fish must also be logged.
  • Anyone caught cheating can be fined up to $500.00 depending on the circumstance (for example: keeping fish over the state limit.), but will be reviewed in front of a board of advisers.  They will be immediately disqualified without refund. The Creel study is an honor system event.  Our intention is to collect data and leave fish UN-harmed and healthy.  We want to document fish with photographs so we can judge health, as well as confirm size for the grand prize.  The river will be patrolled by Trout Power Volunteers, and the Trophy Section will be heavily watched.
  • Trout Power is insured, but everyone will have to sign a waiver that they assume their own risk as a participant in the event. 
  • everyone must sign off that they will not litter or knowingly trespass
  • all participants need to understand that we walk a fine line between promoting the West Canada and causing problems, vs. bringing awareness to the creek and helping to preserve it.  Be on your best behavior.  
  • New York State officials will be on sight
  • Tournament starts at 6:00 am on Saturday, check in at 5:00 am to start and first check point will be at noon and sunset Saturday.  Trout Power Tournament starts on Sunday,  5am check in and 6am start.  The tournament stops at 10:30 am and awards will be at KOA camp Ground at noon.


  1. There is a large legends fly fishing tournament the week before this.


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