Why is it called a Tournament if it is just a Creel Study?

Why is it called a Tournament if it is just a Creel Study?  A very small collection of people have called me with the exact same feeling and fear...  "You JP Ross are a jerk and you are promoting the West Canada for Economic Gain, and you are going to turn the West Canada into the Salmon River.  People will post their land and YOU are going to ruin it for everyone."

This might help.
  • We are only using the word tournament because that is what it takes to get it insured.  The weekend is a creel study.  We have no public data on the West Canada that is new and current.  People complain of hatches being down, fish catches being down, flows are irregular, the river is in dismay.   Trout Power is an initiative to collect data on the creek.  Does the dam in Newport buffer the changing flows?  Could there be better fishing below in Herkimer than in Poland?  Are there smallmouth bass in Poland?  Who knows, but we need a baseline.  
  • "I am a fly fisherman and I don't believe in competitive fishing..."  Well that's fine!!!  Grab a log book for free and fish that day for free, but at least you can help the cause.  We wanted to attract people to the river to stay overnight and spend some money in the local economy.  It took the $1000 purse that is being donated by JP Ross Fly Rods to do that and attract people from Michigan, Virginia, DC and so in. 
  • Trespassing:  Trespassing is an issue, for sure.  We are making a Map right now that designates parking areas and Public Fishing Rights.  In order for the West Canada to be used and enjoyed responsibly, the rules and regulations need to be communicated clearly. Trout Power is helping to get this done for the community.  We had issues in the Trophy Section with poachers and Trash.  Shortly after we posted signs in multi-languages and the land owners along the Trophy Section said the trash and trespassing STOPPED.  If you see someone abusing the river, call the DEC.  Many land owners have called me and told me that they are in support of Trout Power and that they are happy to let people cross their land to fish.  It is not the fishermen that are the problem.  Every land owner has complained that people have partied on their property but everyone I have talked to has said that the fisherman are very respectful.
  • The Salmon River promotes big fish and lots of fish.  Trout Power promotes a community, a beautiful area, the search for wild fish, and preservation.  Enjoy the area but leave it better than you found it!!! The West Canada Valley is a great place to grow a family for both people and fish.  Our message is Preservation, not Promotion. 
  • JP Ross and Blue i Marketing do not want to see anything bad happen to the West Canada Creek, the area, the community and the fish.  We live here, we fish here, we love it here.  We are only trying to start an initiative for preservation and create a platform for everyone to get behind.  Little has been done to put the West Canada Creek on the map as a trout stream that needs attention and preservation.  This is our attempt to create that initiative.


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