Fishing from Poland to Newport

Last night Matt and I drifted from Poland to Newport and went through the Railroad Rapids.  What a cool ride!!!

We caught fish, and still the majority of them were the 9-12 inchers.  We were way back in there! We had thoughts that just maybe we could drum up a 20 incher or something.  Once again, our mini-creel study showed that a majority of the fish are in the 8-10" bucket.

So what I did was I took the data we collected and I rounded the fish into +/- 2" buckets.  Here is the distribution of data. 

Do we need a protected area down there to grow big fish?   Essentially have a section of the creek that is its own hatchery?  A place for big fish to grow and spawn and then move into the main stem for people to catch and I suppose harvest, as long as they are following the state regulations?  Just food for thought.  That area has very little wade-able water and would be a good section to protect.


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