Northwoods Taxidermy offers Trout Power Special $20.00 off any Reoro Mount

Welcome to Northwoods and Water Taxidermy. I am a full service, full
time wildlife taxidermy studio, with 21 years of experience serving
hunters, fisherman and collectors around the country. A graduate of
the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy and a multi blue ribbion
winner in taxidermy competition.

My success lies in the countless hours invested into each recreation
and total dedication set forth to give you the best, most lifelike
mount as possible. I believe in quality not quantity.

I realize you want the finished mount to be as close to your memorable
trophy; therefore I take pride in offering you the best quality of
work in the area. I also will do my best to return your mount to you
in a reasonable time frame of 6.

Thanks Tim Littler

Tim Littler
1048 State Rt. 69
Camden NY 13316
315-243-5434 (cell)


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