Trout Power Updates

Grand Prize Winners: Don and Mark Team 1590...  97 fish and 1049 inches of Trout
2nd place: Johnny and Nick Team 1585...63 fish and 643.5 inches of Trout
3rd place: Dave and Brett Team 1597...  67 fish and 623.75 inches of Trout

Biggest Trout was a tie at 16.5 inches
Kim Ernst and his teammate Ben
Steve Fiske and his teammate Bruce

Biggest Fish by length and girth was the Morrison Team with a 15" very rare whitefish.

Honorable mention: Johnny Dimitri with a 10.5" Brook Trout

Total inches caught in the Creel Study was 6043 inches with an average of 9.68 inches and 624 fish


  1. Hey jordan if u can, could u post the pic of the white fish it would be interesting to get a look at that

  2. Those are some nice pictures...... good job with everything jp....


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