More data is added to Trout Power

I recently acquired two more data sets from similar creel studies that were done on the West Canada Creek Trophy Section.  The whole data collection can be found on the data page. 

here is some cool info I found.

The blue bar represents what we call yearling fish or one year old fish.  For the Trout Power creel study, 27% of the fish were of this group.  The Spring Trophy Section Creel study had 62% of the distribution being yearling, but in the fall, that number decreased to 29%.... why?

The answer is that those fish in the 62 percentile, grew during the season and in the fall were now in the 10-12 inch category.  you can see this in the decrease of the blue bar on the Spring TS and Fall TS graphs, and the growth in the red bar from the Spring TS to Fall TS graphs.

This is a good sign and does show that these fish do have food and that they do grow.


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