Trout Power, JP Ross Fly Rods and the FFAA make purchase of fish for the West Canada

The Fly Fishers Anglers Association, a small fly fishing club in the Utica Rome area recently teamed up with JP Ross Fly Rods to combine funds and agree to stock some more trophy fish in the West Canada Creek in Spring of 2012.  The FFAA has a stocking permit issued by the NYS DEC.

So far the funds have reached $600.00 combined or about 100 or so trophy fish.

The fish will be purchased through Hicklings Farms. A certified trout farm.

The goal of this program is to try to kick start breeding of fish in the creek and also expose Children to catch and release.  We have found that getting kids involved in stocking tends to get them more emotionally attached to the fish, and they have less of a desire to kill them, and more of a desire to see them grow.

It has been a successful program and this is our 4th time stocking fish in the creek.

If you would like to contribute  please email me and you can send your funds direct to the Hicklings Farm for our campaign.


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