Trout Power and Dairy Princess Collaborate to Celebrate West Canada Creek at Fishing Derby June 8

Make plans to get your little fisherman to cow and trout country for the Children’s Fishing Derby during Trout Power Weekend at Harris-Dale Farm and Nursery pond in Newport, N.Y. on Saturday, June 8. Trout Power is a community initiative to help protect, promote and to allow the West Canada Creek to prosper. Check the full Trout Power Weekend Events at

Trout and cows share the need for…water and the West Canada Creek. Many of Herkimer County’s 150 dairy farmer families are tending land in the watershed of West Canada Creek to produce nature’s most perfect food: milk from 13,000 cows. A dairy farmer provides their cows 24-hour access to fresh water because a milk cow needs to drink five (5) gallons of milk to make the gallon of milk in your refrigerator.

Consequently, West Canada Creek is a significant hub for producing and providing local milk. Water is the most important nutrient for a dairy cow to have every day. Cows needs to have fresh water available to them at all times because it drinks a bathtub of water everyday to keep its four-stomach body healthy. Hence, the largest component of milk is water at 87 percent.

The catch and release derby will begin at 8 a.m. and prizes from the Dairy Princess, Becca Jenkins, and Harris-Dale Stables will be awarded at 11:30. You may pre-register at Healthy snacks and lunch are included in the $5 registration fee.

During and following the fishing derby at Harris-Dale Farm and Nursery, children and parents will be refueled with nutrient-rich milk, cheese or yogurt served by Herkimer County Dairy Princess, Rebecca Jenkins.  Milk from 80-cows that Rebecca helps to feed, clean and keep comfortable, is sold to the Greek yogurt plants nearby – Fage in Johnstown, N.Y. and Chobani in South Edmeston, N.Y.

"One day I ended up working the afternoon on a family-owned airy after having helped return a horse to this farm. I felt an immediate love for both the creatures and the great purpose - producing food for America," says Rebecca Jenkins, Herkimer County Dairy Princess from Newport, N.Y. "As Dairy Princess, it is most important to me to teach the importance of dairy products as a food staple with the benefits they provide for a better, healthier, stronger life."

There will be time to hear Becca’s first-hand accounts about dairy farming and to ask her questions about how cows make milk, how farmers make cows happy and how to make Maple Milk. She will share her favorite way to have her three servings of dairy every day, bestow “got milk?” derby prizes and play a game.

If you'd like to volunteer your time to supervise junior fishers or to help aid in casting or baiting at the derby, please call Stefanie at (315) 725-6061 or email her at Harris-Dale Farm and Nursery is located at 8040 State Route 28, Newport, NY 13416.


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