Trout Powers' water level data review

Many people keep asking about the "real meaning" of Trout Power.  What does it mean for the water and the fish?  What is happening and what can we do about it?

The initiative to get wild trout in the creek has to do with water management.

Below we graphed the last 60 days or so of water conditions in the reservoir.

In the Spring there is a lot of run off water that fills the reservoir.  Which it did.  However maintaining it to stay full is a job for many different entities and that rule book is the operating diagram.  

You can see by the gray bars that the water level in the reservoir shot up in a matter of days.  This was caused when the ice melted and all that water came out of the Adirondacks. All that water that flows in is represented by the green line.  You can see that not soon after the inflow shot up, it also came back down.  At the same time the red line represents the water that went over or through the dam.  If it goes over, that is an act of GOD, if it goes through, it is man induced.  Right about half way you can see where the outflow of water was greater than the inflow and when that happens the water level in the reservoir goes down.  Due to recent rains you can see the gray bars shooting back up and the green line also shooting up to represent the rain water run off coming in. 

So who chooses how much of the water can go through the dam?   That is determined by the canal corp and the above operating diagram.  Smart people analyze the data and create this operating diagram.  You look at the time of year, and the height of the reservoir and that tells you how much water to release.

But remember, this water does not go directly to the creek.  It then goes into the next reservoir, or Prospect Holding Pond.  There the water is released by Brookfield power, and their FERC license essentially only says that they can not go below 180 or so cfs.

This chart shows how much different the flow in the creek is from the actual water level in the reservoir.  NOTICE that around May 18th, the water pulsing started back up and daily the power company is making on demand power to pump to the grid.

This pulsing and the effect of the pulsing on water temp and cold water refuge is what Trout Power is trying to understand.  We have bought equipment thanks to your support.

data loggers, we have 7
data shuttle, we just bought one. 
sensor anchors

Multiple data sensors and data shuttles are necessary to determine if this pulsing is doing anything to the temperature of the creek. In collaboration with land owners and the NYS DEC, these sensors are being deployed to see what happens in the hot summer months to the water at the bottom of the creek.  Does the sudden release of water affect the cold water.  Does it flush it, or slide right over it and not affect it?  We don't know.  But we will find out. 


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