Creel Study Updates and Winners.

Team Betts Brothers, with their winning 21" Brown Trout that won the tournament.  Caught, loved, photographed and released.
The Betts Brothers won with a 21" brown, but Team USA was right behind them with a beautiful 20.5" Brown. Don and Mark , two local boys, won the largest brown outside the trophy section. That fish was 17.5", photos to come. Mark and Joe Usyk took the biggest Brook Trout Category with an beautiful 8" brookie caught in Middleville believe it or not. They won a JP Ross Fly Rods Co. Beaver Meadow. Honorable mention to the Smith Team that caught over 30 fish in the tournament on both fly and spin gear. And Chew Smitty and Ed Williams were a close 3rd place and fished their face off all the way to dark.

In Summary, it was very clear that from the data, which we will post, that the Protected Trophy Section of the West Canada Creek does in fact Harbor and grow more big fish in this creek. Spin tackle seemed to catch way more small fish then fly (less than 10"). Also the section of stream around Poland seems to be another worth section of Creek that seems to have good potential for growing large fish, but currently that section is not protected.

It will take very long to raise the $30k to do a full blown study on the West Canada Creek. Likely Trout Power will first work with the state and Cornell to identify gravel bars and potential spawning area to be protected. We also will need volunteers to help us review the health and state of the over 60 tribs that go into the West Canada.

Cold Water Refuge is also key, and the Mill Creek project with Trout Unlimited and New York State DPW has been approved. This creek also drains the potential Asphalt plant that is still being considered. We will have to watch that stream very closely and make sure it is not impacted at all by anything.

Funding: It looks as though Trout Power 2013 was profitable and after such expenses as over $3000 in signage, and over $3000 in merchandise costs, (much of which was given away as promo items), and other advertising costs in the 3000-5000 range, we likely will have money available for more temp sensor equipment, and a lot of new signage promoting wild fish and releasing big fish back to the creek to spawn. Our Sponsors were a huge help this year, especially Oneida County Tourism. Without them and the huge numbers of participants, this initiative surely would have died.

Thank you all for making Trout Power your own!!! It is key that we all describe Trout Power as being "our initiative" not "those guys." More info will come up on this week in small bursts.


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