Is water really the most precious resource?

Is water really the most precious resource on the planet?  The folks at JP Ross & Co. the firm that started Trout Power® say no, it’s the wild trout that live in it that are more precious.  The Trout Power Mission is “to change the world by honoring clean water not by its clarity but by the wild trout that live in it.”  It’s a simple concept says Jordan Ross founder of Trout Power; “use wild trout as a metric for success to monitor that you are not hurting the environment with progress.  It is great to have homes, towns, and businesses along the river, just make sure you are not harming it by monitoring and making sure the fish can spawn.” 
Trout Power has taken on the task of protecting, and promoting the West Canada Creek in Central NY and hoping it will help the region prosper.  

This year marks the 3rd year in which their Trout Power event is June ,7 and 8.  Sign up at    Trout Power has gained a lot of steam by partnering with Tailwater Lodge in Altmar, Harrisdale Farms in Newport, and the Alamo Bar and Grill in Poland.  Festivities include a catch and release tournament with prizes in upwards of $1600 in cash.  Harrisdale is hosting a kids fishing derby and the Alamo is hosting a Pig Roast and BBQ with bands on Saturday, as well as a rubber duck race on Sunday. 

The spirit from all this started when Trout Power proved and acknowledged with the help of the NYS DEC, that the West Canada Creek can sustain large trout, but something is wrong that will not allow them to spawn.  Studies show that the water is clean, bug live is great, and Trout Power even did water temp studies and proved that temperature was not an issue.   Hypothesis now point to the drastic changing of flows and mis-management of the water system to make hydro power and harvest drinking water.  Jordan Ross of Trout Power also stated:  “there are too many hands in the pool!  The Canal Corp, Brookfield Power, The Water Authority, and the Power Authority all use this river.  There is no main management strategy in which all these entities can make decisions by.  No one is working together!  We hope Trout Power and its initiative will start people talking and making a plan.  If the trout can spawn you are managing the resource correctly.” 

The current state of the Creek is that usually the water changes as much as 3 times a day and as much as a foot at a time to make on demand power.  Trout Power believes this is why the fish cannot spawn.    Trout Power believes that they can be they voice for the group to bring awareness to the issue and come up with a solution.  Many people had no idea that all the brown trout in the river are stocked and had no idea that there are no wild fish.  They say; Catch the Power and make a difference. 

Trout Power also hopes that it can make a difference so their model can be used on other fisheries in America or even worldwide. 


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