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The Trout Power event for 2014 is over, but the initiative still goes on. Sure, we caught a lot of fish this weekend on the West Canada Creek in NY, and we had a great time at the Alamo Bar and Grill in Poland. But 3 great things happened that are worth mentioning.
Team Julia: Matt Cucci and his daughter fished Mill Creek, a creek we are trying to restore with Trout Unlimited and caught numerous wild Brook Trout.
Team Morrison also fished the tournament and Shawn and his boys have been big supporters right from the start. They caught a beautiful wild Brook Trout in one of the tribs of the West Canada also.
And lastly, one of the greatest discoveries is from Team: Beattie... Scott Beattie and his daughter Jillan got real footage of a wild Brown Trout Frye at in the West Canada Creek at the mouth of the Cincinnati Creek.
These are the real winners of Trout Power!!! This is proof that there is hope and that united we can make a difference.
I think the competitive fishing derby is over, for Trout Power and now it is time to work on protecting and getting down to work.
There is almost no Public fishing access on the Cincinnati Creek. Which is probably a good thing. We are going to propose to the DEC that we establish a likely spawning ground and try to protect it and hopefully shock it this year to look for more brown trout frye.
Also, the Trophy Section is getting too crowded. We need another one, and the first proposal is to propose another Catch and Release zone from the bridge in Poland to the Railroad Bridge in Poland. This section is close to town, which is good for commerce, and also is a section that is out of the way and it included the cold brook tributary inlet.
We would appreciate the comments on this and what you think.
Sorry for the long post, but there is so much to talk about.
We appreciate all the support, thank you to everyone for making Trout Power your own initiative. It is a team effort!!!!
JP Ross


  1. I followed the Trout Power link to your website, have some comments.. I was surprised to find mention of wild brook trout in Cincinnati Creek. We have a summer cottage in Barneveld on Cincinnati Creek. That water by our cottage is best described as frog water- wide, slow, and devoid of most aquatic life other than crayfish. The Kingfishers don't even hang out there.... As regards the West Canada- this is an awesome fishery, and I say that coming from Colorado. We were there a couple of weeks ago to open the cottage, got to fish for two days. I stayed by the Trenton Falls bridge, fished all that water. I have never caught so many large, strong, healthy fish, and never so many that made my Hardy reel scream. I read the comments regarding spawning, don't see where or how the browns could do it unless they go up into the tributaries, where they'll get taken by the bait fishermen. I was also surprised to see TU initiative mentioned. When I was first headed to the West Canada I wrote/emailed the local TU chapter contact and never heard back.

    It looks like good work you're doing.

    Nick Jones
    Waldoboro, Maine


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