Trout Power 2016 Follow up and results

Trout Power 2016 Follow up and results

Its now fall 2016 and we are still waiting with baited breath (if I can say that) for the results from the DNA testing from New York State Museum.  This spring we caught and released a number of fish, almost 50 to be exact, in the South Inlet/ Lost Brook Water Shed.  Fish were caught, loved, fin clipped and released as part of our Trout Power 2016 weekend.

Below is a picture of a brook trout caught by the "Lost Boys" in the furthest stretches of Lost Brook that we could reach.  This same area in 1999 had the ph of 4.7 which is equivalent to table vinegar.  Now 17 years later the ph is 6.7, nearly neutral and these beautiful gems are flourishing.  Why is this important to our science?  Because the last documented stocking in this region was 1940 as far as we can tell.  So we are curious if these fish have Heritage Strain DNA.  

Part of the study was to fin clip fish and also to photograph them.  Below is an example of a Sagamore Lake Brook Trout.  Notice the more blue color of this fish.  Even though this picture was taken in the early morning and color saturation could be a factor to consider, I suppose you "had to be there" to see how much more violet and cobalt this fish was.  Is it possible that there are different strain of fish in the lake then in the stream?  Our data will determine this. 

Also part of our research was to look for trends and to document where the fish were caught.  See map below. Immediately we saw that areas around the bridges were problems.  No fish were caught there.  Worm buckets and trash, usually meant no fish.  This is one of the main reasons we feel this river specifically needs protection.  

 With all the info we collected and the multiple parallel story lines available, we cant help but see the vision for a full documentary.  Freeflow motionworks was our partner to create the videos for this event.  Below is a clip of our full length film in development. 

Our love of conservation and brook trout specifically has helped us find new friends this year and lots of support.  It is for that reason that we have decided to break Trout Power off from the JP Ross llc, and establish it as a 501c non profit organization. John Montefusco our chairman is leading this effort right now. 


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