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Trout Power is a year round initiative to protect and promote the great West Canada Creek. When the trout and the river prosper,
so do our communities.  The Annual Trout Power Weekend, June 8th-9th, 2013 invites people and businesses to participate in several events celebrating the West Canada and everything our
wonderful area has to offer.

Conservation through education and action
In cooperation with NYS DEC Region 6,
Trout Power’s JP Ross works year round
collecting scientific data critical to achieving
one of Trout Power’s goals for the West Canada Creek:
Wild Trout thriving in the West Canada within
twelve years.  Wild Trout are a primary tourism
trigger.  Currently, the river is a stocked fishery only.
That’s good, but it’s not great.  In addition,
spawning trout is a clear indicator for a sustainable,
flourishing ecosystem in the river.  If we want to
protect this amazing resource and leverage it
responsibly for generations to come, Trout Power
believes a wild trout population is key to achieving
long-term prosperity for the West Canada and for all.

Work together to make sure
the world knows our great story
Fish in the Trout Power tournament
during the event weekend.  Volunteer
at one of the Trout Power events.
Own a business? Capitalize on the
promotion year round and during the
Trout Power event weekend,
June 8-th-9th, 2013.
Adopt one of the Trout Power events
already created, and make it your own!
If you’re not sure how to create something to
attract customers that weekend, work with Trout Power
to coordinate ideas and ways to drive business.
Trout Power promotes using social media, website,
billboards, maps, flyers, signage, radio and television,
and community newspapers.  Take advantage of this
collective effort and prosper!

When the trout prosper, we prosper.
Working with area Chambers, Villages,
Tourism boards, local business owners,
we all prosper when people come to
our area to stay and play.
Great rivers like the Yellowstone,
the Colorado, and rivers just to the east of us,
the Delaware, the Farmington, the Hudson,
thrive with fishermen and tourists alike.
Trout Power believes it requires the collaboration
and cooperation of a shared vision and effort
in order for us to shine a large enough spotlight
on the West Canada. 
With growth and prosperity, the pride and promise
to landowners and to the fish must be enforced:
“Leave the river better than you found it.”


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