Trout Power 2012 2013 results & ongoing data

Grand Prize Winners: Don and Mark Team 1590...  97 fish and 1049 inches of Trout
2nd place: Johnny and Nick Team 1585...63 fish and 643.5 inches of Trout
3rd place: Dave and Brett Team 1597...  67 fish and 623.75 inches of Trout

Biggest Trout was a tie at 16.5 inches
Kim Ernst and his teammate Ben
Steve Fiske and his teammate Bruce

Biggest Fish by length and girth was the Morrison Team with a 15" very rare whitefish.

Honorable mention: Johnny Dimitri with a 10.5" Brook Trout

Total inches caught in the Creel Study was 6043 inches with an average of 9.68 inches and 624 fish

click below for larger view of graph.  All data below is brown trout. 


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